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I may yet regret this...

I have posted more fic! Blue Moon, Part 2

harleymae: This is kind of crazy of me
harleymae: But I feel kind of jealous that I don't have a traumatizing alter ego!
abby20: DO YOU WANT ONE? :D
robi0688: who's short and pedo?
harleymae: I KIND OF DO. And I don't know why :(
robi0688: Because roleplaying is fun.
early_afternoon: Her alter ego should be someone pedo-y
robi0688: I'm trying to think of other people I love!
early_afternoon: MARIO?!?!?!?!?!
robi0688: OMG
abby20: OMG
robi0688: OMG
abby20: ... yes.
robi0688: *_*
early_afternoon: CONGRATULATIONS, MAE
early_afternoon: You're now Mario Lemieux
abby20: Boy, are you going to regret that.
robi0688: you do know she literally owns your ass now
harleymae: *smokes cigar*
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