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The Invincible M.A.E.

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If there's one thing I can do, it's focus

Did you know it's difficult to write porn when one of the participants is vaguely nauseating you at the time? Well, it is. :P

I finished fic! Really long (for me, anyway) fic! It's a sequel to JMFJ/Donuts and Part 1 is here: Blue Moon If you want to read the whole thing, click on the archive link. I broke it up for LJ.

Proud of the boys for the comeback win last night in Dallas. The Stars are one of those teams (among many) that the Sharks have problems with, so it was good to see them overcome the 2-0 deficit. What wasn't nice was watching Heatley take yet another clutch penalty with the Sharks holding (desperately clinging) on to a 4-3 lead with 4 minutes to go in the name. This is of course the perfect time to ELBOW STEVE OTT IN THE HEAD. Heatley got suspended 2 games, so... maybe he'll stop taking clutch penalties. :P He usually hooks/holds/slashes so maybe it won't affect anything.

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Was it Zito? (no, i will never get tired of that)

I feel like I'm missing some crucial piece of information...

Porm with nauseating participants. Yeah... Even i had to check on what i had meant. I need so much sleep.

Oh. Wait, did Zito nauseate me at some point? I was actually referring to JMFJ. SDQ gave me like just... the most heinous image ever involving him and Crosby and like... physically nauseated. Argh.

I really like the fic! though I only read the one bit, i cant focus on huge amounts just yet lol.

fomr some reason when I read comeback up there I saw cupcake and I was like why is mae proud of cupcakes... lol

Thanks! Yeah, I'm kind of short attention span myself, so I split it into parts, hehe.

I could be quite proud of cupcakes! I am a fan of them. :D

I had a monumental palm-face moment when Heatley went berserk. Dude. DUDE.


That's not so much him going berserk as him in PRETTY MUCH EVERY GAME argh.

I feel so accomplished and stuff!!! And now I don't know what to do. I have post-partum depression.

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