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What do I wake up to? Sedincest and Seriya!love. *shrieks* and "Holy crap I like Teemu, but dear God I love Paul!"


"After Selanne was traded, it had to be draining on Paul, although he would never admit to it," said Brian Hayward, the Ducks' TV color analyst.

Well, no shit! How'd you like the love of your life to be traded?

... Selanne who GOT OUT of Nabi's MBZ and stood in the RAIN in a SUIT for five minutes signing, talking and taking photos with everyone!!

He is actually really nice like that, I can so see him doing that. The less happy aspect of that is ... what the fuck is he doing in Nabby's car? *weeps on Lira's shoulder*

Owen for Brad '50s-housewife-boy Boyes and Alyn ow-I-burned-my-tongue McCauley? *weeps* Not that I don't like them, but ... Owen ... *shrieks*

And the Canucks! How about that Natuzzimoden? Points up the wazoo! *tackles them all* God, I wish I could have watched that game. *sighs happily*

Wrote most of Lira's birthday fic last night, and it's uhh, *gasp* PG-13! Oh hang on, I just remembered it's supposed to be plotful smut. *goes back to drawing board*

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