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Working on the weekend is not fun

I had a pretty mellow weekend: watching hockey, spending quality time with the people I live with, playing some computer games, writing fic and eating yummy food (dim sum and stuff from an Irish bakery). However, I worked 5 hours yesterday on some infernal code. :(

Small children are interesting. I hadn't really spent as much time with Tati recently, and she became a little distant but the past few days I spent more time with her and she was noticeably more friendly to me. I suppose it's the same kind of thing that happens with adults only that takes months and years rather than days. :P

Donuts was pretty hysterical during Saturday's game. I'm very entertained by his bitchiness and he bitched more or less the entire game. It started with Daniel taking a dive on a high stick from him which made him unhappy. Then later Daniel pushed Donuts onto Quick (it didn't really seem like a hard shove), leaving him open to a pass for basically an empty net goal since Quick couldn't move. This resulted in much more bitching.

Then near the end of the game, somebody high sticked or punched Donuts in the face and he stayed down for a while. I didn't really see it so I don't know if that was a dive or not, but basically I think the refs were sick of his bitching and called him for a dive, which... led to so much bitching he earned a misconduct at the end of the game and a private linesman escort off the ice. :P

I peek at HFBoards every now and then in the Sharks and Kings boards in case there's anything interesting, and there was a thread with the title "Drew Doughty, the person. Not the player." and it was about him being a "classless jerk" and having poor character or something, and... I don't really see how bitching makes you one of things, because then Crosby is a classless jerk.

Anyway, the only reason I mention it is that it got pretty creepy further down the thread with this statement: "I love young defenseman so it's natural that I would be drawn towards Drew." And then there are insinuations from other people that he's just saying these things because he ♥ JMFJ and Drew is in direct competition with him... (Thread here)

harleymae: You know who JMFJ looks VAGUELY like? Tyler Arnason
harleymae: I've never heard you say it!
early_afternoon: I didn't want to offend you!

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