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Don't let inconsiderate sex happen to you!

harleymae: And now to inconsiderate sex :-[
abby20: That happens to me, haha :(

Tonight is Penner's BIG (har har) debut! I love how the Kings fans are already all over the fat jokes, as are the media, albeit unintentionally.

So, although I love Nabby, I liked the signing of Niemi because I wanted the team to learn how to win independent of their goalie. For this reason, all of the suckiness and struggling and even the 6 game losing streak were things that I liked. But then Niemi started playing really well and I can't tell if the Sharks can win without him or not. Damn it! :P

Anyway, I hope that Niittymaki can come back soon because I really don't like Niemi playing all these games in a row. He needs a little break right about now, rather than at the very end of the season. He was recently signed to a 4-year contract extension. Money seems a little high, but nothing I'm too unhappy about. In an interview he said, "I think it's obvious that I'm really happy with the team and organization" or something like that and it was like, really? Obvious? I don't think so, you incomprehensible Finnish robot!

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