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Greene + Penner = Greener? That sounds like he absorbed him.

[ Edit: During a meeting this morning, Alex's iTunes artwork screensaver kicked in on the projector and one of the songs was by... JUSTIN BIEBER muahahahaha! I pointed it out and everyone started calling him "Biebs" :P ]

So, you may or may not know that I have a shameful love for Dustin Penner. Not that I have a shameful amount of love, but that I am ashamed of my love, hence I don't talk about it. :P

It's been rumoured for a while now that he was headed to LA, so I'd already thought about his tearful reunion with former housemate Matt Greene. After I found out, I talked to robi0688, and from her fertile mind (that came up with the entirety of the JMFJ/Crosby practice kissing plot, urgh) came a scenario that involved Greene and Penner breaking a bed with their combined weight. :( :( :(

Anyway, the Wings steamrolled the Kings last night 7-4. It was actually like 7-1 until the last 5 minutes of the game when the Wings mentally checked out and the Kings scored 3 quick ones. I was reading postgame quotes, and ran into JMFJ's comments on the Penner trade:
I’m glad I get to play with him instead of against him. He’s a good player, he’s hard to play against and we’re excited to have him, all the guys are. It’s a real exciting thing for us going into playoffs. We’re putting all the chips in to win this and we’re excited about it. … It’s definitely a great message to all of the players and everything. We’re excited about it, we’re excited that they did it and we’re really looking forward to having him here.

So let me see if I understood you okay, JMFJ, you're... excited?

In the comment thread there was a mean person who was saying generally mean things about him and bringing up his -3 for the night, and... he does stupid things, but on all 3 of those goals, he was doing the right thing and had eliminated his man. I sort of... mentally replied to the thread, and the next day found that like 6 people had replied defending him, one of whom dissected every goal and who had actually fucked up in each instance. I was... kind of happy to see people actually like him. Maybe because he's not -37 anymore. ;)

Another commenter talked about how JMFJ and Penner had fought, so I went to watch it and Penner was defending Sam Gagner's honour, but he like... cuddled JMFJ before they fought? It was weird.

Whoa, I just noticed that they fought on my birthday.
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