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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Setoguchi

Fake!world was right

Devin Setoguchi and Logan Couture both have Twitters. *chortles* I've followed Devin for a while now, and... mostly he just gives me the tartingles. Please stop saying "pracky". Please. :( Anyway, I recently started following Logan and... I think they have started dating each other and are documenting it on Twitter.

Logancouture: Woke up two hours ago and haven't moved from my bed, so lazyyyy
seto1661: havent moved all morning pretty tired.. decided to go hang with @Logancouture to see whats happening today!

He didn't actually specify whether he was already hanging out with Logan when he hadn't moved all morning. :P

Logancouture: Watched the 2nd half of the Real Madrid soccer game with @seto1661 and it was actually exciting #firsttimeforeverything
seto1661: Cristiano ronaldo = sick!!! To bad it was 0-0 but he is dirty !

He didn't actually specify what was exciting.

Logancouture: And my day just got real good, sitting at a resturant with @seto1661 and Baby by the Biebs came on, #lifeiscomplete
seto1661: @Logancouture its amazing no other place I'd rather be right now !

He didn't actually specify why he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Logancouture: Watching UFC with @seto1661 and am bored out of my mind, please don't tell me hockey is this boring to watch?...baby baby bay ohhhhh
seto1661: @Logancouture agreed!!! Boring !!!

He didn't actually specify what they did to relieve their boredom.

Logancouture: Hopped out my bed #turnmyswagon...still watching UFC what am I doing with my life
seto1661: #igotmyswag on!! Me an @Logancouture!!!!

No comment.

So they pretty much spent all day together. I wonder if Torrey is sad.

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lmfao. Are you going to write them? Or is it too obvious?

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Logan Couture has GIANT HORSE TEETH. Anyway, Torrey/Devin are my OTP. :)

I just looked him up.


Yeah. I mean, he's still young so maybe he'll look better in a few years. :P

Dude. So fucking gay for each other.

It also occurs to me that at the end there Logan hops out of bed and Devin is still there.

I was wondering if you were keeping up with this. I love them and the Marlies boys' bromance too.

Torrey/Devin is still my OTP, but these two are similar in that they both have attitude. Probably the only thing that keeps them from getting gayer is the fact they have to play hockey games every now and then.

Please. Their relationship is so obvious; their love is so delightful. in this scenario, however, where does Torrey fit in? Did Seto fall for Torrey then realized Torrey was straight and since Logan had been in love with them since the first time he laid eyes on him, Seto gave up and tried out a relationship with Logan? Oh gosh, this is too good.

Well, Torrey has no Twitter, so maybe he's actually there with Logan and Devin. Watching... waiting...

I don't know, there might be too much diva with Torrey and Logan combined. :P

I was intrigued and I saw this on Seto's twitter:

I can't believe how bad I'm getting dominated by .@Logancouture

*head spins from slashy notions overload*

Yeah, did I mention that he gives me the tartingles? :P

They make me so gleeful so I've continued to monitor their tweets and Devin posted one the other day:

@Logancouture i still got that song from ur car stuck in my head hahahha member !

Ahh, I meant to include that one too! They're pretty awesome. :) I made a Twitter list just for them, heh.

there is a small part of me who sometimes wonders what Alex Mogilny's twitter would have been like.

And Pavel Bure's bitchy snippy twitter, Theo's drunk tweets? I feel 'my' generation missed out on a lot.

AlMo's tweets would have been amazing! I still remember his "no underwear" quote. :) Somehow I don't see Fleury as being able to figure Twitter out though. :P

Fleury is on twitter. I don't follow him, but @TheoFleury14.

oh man, it sounds awful but I think his twitter back in the day would have been like Charlie Shen or something.

I love this so much!!!

Although his slight obsession with the Bieber, downer.

There is actually a reason for it. I think somebody Photoshopped Bieber's hair onto him (Logan)? I didn't really pay attention to how it started.

Ah, then I guess he can be somewhat excused for it. Plus, he's all young and stuff. Bieber is probably right up his alley. I feel old. Hee!

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