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The Invincible M.A.E.

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About to run off to the gym post

Watched Flames/Sharks last night.

Wow, we won two games in a row. Ooh! Now we're off to Vancouver to lose again. *grin*

Dude, why does Jarome have a beef with Patty? Did he fuck his boyfriend or something? He cross-checked Patty twice in the back as they were skating off to the bench, and Patty didn't respond at all, just kind of smirked a little bit. And Jarome was talking shit to him later too. I wonder what happened.

Sharks commentator love is going out of control. Seriously.

Dear Randy & Drew,

You guys are the best commentators around! My wife and I always find your analyses insightful and useful too. Recently I started to play in a roller hockey league. I was playing D one night, and I kept hearing Drew's voice in my head saying, "You gotta collapse to the net!" Randy, Drew, and all the crew, keep up the good work.

El Sobrante, CA

You kept hearing Drew's voice in your head one night. Try to imagine 70 nights.

*weeps* Why do you hear his voice at night you bastard? Why? And why do you tell us this? *weeps again*

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Razor and Ralph.
Hands down.
End of story. ;c)

Ahh dude, "big Jason Arnott", constant use of the words "ramming" and "beef", I love listening to them too. :)

Haha Razorims.
Gotta love them.

"Someone put a saddle on him and RODE HIM HARD"

*dies* I didn't hear that one! That's awesome!

Ha. He said that at the beginning of the season. I think it was about Morrow. I'm not sure.

*giggles* in a random bout of insanity lets pretend that patty was in san jose when ronnie was and somethign went on adn thats why jarome is mad at him :(

LOL, that must be it! You can just tell from his smirk that Patty did something evil. *grin*

YES!! OMG patty dressed up as james Bond doing that half wink looking down kind of smirk *melts*

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