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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher


Guess what today is, guys? It's Hockey Day in America! (Let's not think too hard about how it ends with an outdoor game in Canada)

We got the Flyers/Rangers game instead of the Wild/Wings game like I expected. No complaints, though, it was great to see Boosh play so well. In fact, I was just commenting to joolzie how good he was when he seemed to get painfully injured. :( :( :( But then he stayed in and got the win! So proud and happy.

I loved all of the shots at various places around Chicago. It reminded me of last summer. ♥ Of course, I didn't notice until the first intermission that it was Chicago, haha. I thought it was Thirty Rock as usual, then I was like... why do they have a big silver bean just like Chicago???

Jordan Staal looks like a bleached blonde version of Tom Brady right now. It's strange. I'm going to keep complaining to early_afternoon until he cuts his hair.

I was about 45 minutes behind and Joolzie told me about an upcoming segment called "US hockey hero Patrick Kane" and I was SO EXCITED. So excited. But then it turned out to be just a short thing with your generic Olympic and SCF footage and comments. I love all the attention they paid to him, and that he got the SO winner, haha. I love all of his shenanigans and stuff, but I really do like him as a player. It was actually Kane's play at the Olympics that inspired me to write Some Guy Called Ryan, not JMFJ.

Really love the Flames look for the Heritage Classic! And Subban looks so cool, heh. I love that they used Requiem For a Dream for the intro music. I was confused by the singing of the US anthem and the big US flag thing, though. But, I guess at the Winter Classic they always sing the Canadian anthem? I don't remember.

I didn't really get into the game all that much. I think if I'd gotten a Canadian feed it would have been a lot better, but I don't really care about the Habs or Flames much, so with the Versus feed? Meh. I absolutely loved the 2003 game though, even though I disliked those teams too!

x_jerseygirl alerted me to the fact that one of the questions asked on Shark Byte was what would be your weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse!!! I totally hadn't seen that before I wrote my Sharks zombie fic. Craziness.

From MayorsManor.com:

Jack Johnson - "Playing in Madison Square Garden, it's the greatest arena in the world. So, it's a cool thing. My family is going to come watch. They've never seen me play in Madison Square Garden before. That's my favorite arena to go to."

Aww, he and his family are so sweet. :) And he's so proud and American. *sigh*

While trying to figure out whether JMFJ ever played with Toews at Shattuck-St. Mary's (doesn't look like he did), I came across this photo:

Jack Johnson and Sidney Crosby

He is, in fact, grabbing JMFJ's ass. Their faces. The eye contact. Man. Crosby has a bigger crush on JMFJ than I do. There was also a photo of them as champions in 2003.

Guess which guys were next to each other?

Shattuck-St. Mary's 2003 Champions

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Kaner's shootout move was totally a humongous FUCK YOU. Hahahah what a tard.

Pretty much! I thought the isocam was pretty hilarious too. I would have had it on if I hadn't been so behind in the game. Imagine all the stupidity I could have witnessed, though.

title of this post is pleasing to me.

It was an awesome segment title! I just wish the segment itself had been better.

Sid and Jack were pathetically close, if they weren't fucking, one or both of them wanted to be. Sid was encouraged by team trainers to basically go the fuck away for a while earlier this month--he's probably annoying the hell out of them to clear him to come back, that kid doesn't know life without hockey--but he came back the day before the Kings came into town.

And he went to the game to make sure he went to hang out with Jack (and Rob Scuderi) afterward. It warmed my heart. Sid/Jack make me so happy <3

Yeah, Ani and I were discussing how suspicious it was that he was at an "undisclosed warm weather location" (hmm, LA?) for a week and then would come back when the Kings were in Pittsburgh. :P It uhh, figures into the fic I'm writing. *coughs*

Oh man, that other pic you posted, it totally looks like they're skating in for a kiss, LOL. The gratuitous ass grab is pretty awesome. See, that's what's so interesting about their relationship. Crosby is so different around Jack! That's so funny that they were doing that in a scrum! They totally have an associative regression thing going together, heh.

Also Scuderi was totally a third wheel.

Edited at 2011-02-21 05:32 am (UTC)

Oh, and there's another pic from that moment of Sid/Jack.

Sid does NOT do this stuff during games, he is all focus and intensity during games. So this was completely off the grid for him, I remember someone being at that game and telling me about the two of them being all buddy-buddy in the midst of a scrum, and then these pictures surfaced and I was in love.

I find it amusing that the things you love best about Jack Johnson are the things that make me want to vomit profusely. :p But I'm sure it'd be different if I was American. Basically, I'm still not over you hating Joe Sakic.


I don't so much hate Sakic as I think he's evil!

I didn't say hate! I said vomit profusely. Which, yes, a little!

. . . That's even weirder.

Oh, because it's so cheesy? I find it fascinating that someone like him actually exists in real life and not just like... in some '80s sitcom.

I think weird is pretty much in line with most of my thoughts.

The thing that I loved most about this post was your Brian Boucher icon. My heart aches every time I think about the fact that I will never again hear his Russian accent..*sigh*

Oh man do I love him. At least he still has a little Russian goalie buddy in Bobrovsky though!

I thought you'd seen those pics before! Omg. Yes, Crosby is trying to get closer to JJ while a game is being played. There is no logic.

Also, my sister and her boyfriend went to that Pens and Kings game, and she said that they were huddled together during the tv timeouts, and giggling. I am still jealous of her.

I mentally censored him until the Olympics, so even if I'd seen them they probably didn't register. :P

How unbecoming of them! (Ugh, giggling, really? *makes strangled sounds*)

(Dude! LJ comment notification fail!)

Haha, I don't blame you, dude.

Yeah, seriously! Don't they know that hockey is a serious sport and that there are other people all around them? The nerve!

She said they were smiling and looked to be cracking jokes or something. Her bf had awesome seats and I could have gone, but didn't, because I didn't want to feel like the third wheel (lol, Scuderi), so my brother went instead. Oh, what fail boat of a move, eh?

Haha, they couldn't contain their love for even a couple of hours! Cos' you know that they had dinner and hung out. It's okay to be the third wheel! I bet Scuderi got a good meal out of it. :P

You'll have to go the next time the Pens are in town. (Also, I ran into an article about how JJ was complaining about the unbalanced schedule and not getting to play the East much. Haha, I wonder why he wants to. :P)

(I just had a horrifying thought about how if he had stayed with the Canes that he, Sid, Eric and Jordan Staal could have gone on double dates)

Edited at 2011-02-22 06:56 am (UTC)

Scuderi probably rolled his eyes good-naturedly, and kicked Sid a few times, because, hello, dude, obvious guy is very obvious.

Haha, did he really? Oh, JJ, don't worry about that. I'm sure that in a few years, if Sid ever reaches UFA, all you'll need to do is bat your lashes. It shouldn't be that hard!

(Lol, man. That is a little horrifying. I think Eric is cute, but, like, where are his eyebrows! They throw me off a little, no lie. I'm always trying to decide whether or not I find him hot.)

One day they're going to elope, just like Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya. And then giggle a lot, which will be kind of creepy cos' they're going to be in their 30s by that point. But theirs is a strong and rare love. *sigh*

No no no, none of them are "cute" or "hot". They're Staals! Staals! (Although I do like Eric best because I think he's a good player)

Crosby is a man with his entire emotional life tucked away for the sake of hockey,. One day he will explode (until then I guess he bangs groupies)

Haha, I think I'll like him when he explodes. I kind of like his bitchiness. :)

I love Brian Boucher!

I have an irrational and never ending love for Brian Boucher. I LOVE YOU BOOSH!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Re: I love Brian Boucher!

He is a wonderful man! I wish he would stop getting injured just when it seems like things are going his way.

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