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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Setoguchi


Devin!!! First career hat trick. Oh man, I was so excited when I saw him go in on that breakaway at the end cos' he's got that cocky attitude thing going, and guys like that always score in those situations. That first goal was so beautiful though, busting in something like one on three. ♥

And love for Torrey! "He's my teammate so we have some chemistry. *happy, special smile*"

Niemi really bailed the team out a lot tonight, especially on the PK. I'd like to see less dependence on him, but the team didn't completely throw him to the wolves. I have to admit I was concerned that this was going to be one of those games where the crappy team is sick and tired of their long losing streak and are energized by their big trade. But the huge first period settled me down.

JMFJ and Donuts combined spectacularly on a goal while they were on the PP today. Unfortunately, it was an Islanders goal (Donuts with the turnover and JMFJ with the helpful screen on his goalie). What an ignominious end to an 11-game point streak: being shut out by the Isles. :P

But good on Al Montoya for getting a shutout in his first NHL start this season! He didn't have too tough of a job as the Isles thoroughly outplayed the Kings, but still, nice for him. :) Also, Matt Moulson scored 2 goals on Quick, who is his brother-in-law (they're married to sisters, Moulson used to be a King). Guess who has bragging rights at family get-togethers? :P

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That Deb woman who works on the Islanders broadcasts tweeted this: J Quick & M Moulson: Forget about battle of bro-in-laws on ice. Their wives at each others' throats in the suite upstairs.

Muahaha!!! And I think their (the sisters) godfather is like... Caps management or something?

....I got super excited because I forgot Tambellini had been traded to the Canucks, so I flipped out that he and Al for TOGETHER AGAIN. But, uh, no.

And then I saw your icon and got super excited because even though at some point during the game I did think of Montoya and Michigan, I somehow didn't think of a connection between him and JMFJ. :P But as it turns out, he left just before JMFJ got there.

Alas, he did. Tambellini did used to be a King, though!

Oh he did! A couple of seasons before JMFJ got there, thus saving himself from being forced to watch Michigan football games together, no doubt.

seto has been soooo good the past few weeks, i'm so happy for him! he's been a little bull. :D

I wish he was just like that all the time. Maybe having the "stars" not really delivering every game will make him step out of their shadow!

it seems almost likes he's healthy after battling something. who the hell knows. i like it, though!

Battling his head? He's at his best when he's a cocky mofo and that kind of thing can come and go.

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