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My neighbours are trying to tell me something

I was checking my connection tonight and noticed that one of the wireless networks available was "donuts". And right below that was "JOHNSON-WiFi". I'm not even kidding. Even my neighbours are shipping them. :P

I feel the need to save this for posterity:
early_afternoon: Few things will be as beautiful as Heatley's perfect goals scored from the hash marks on the right-hand side

In her defense (sort of), this only came about because I blurted that I had found Donuts' bitchiness hot during last night's game. (I feel the need to clarify that this was limited to his attitude and not like... physical appearance) This feeling died an immediate death when I saw him in the penalty box without his helmet and the combination of his longish, wet, slightly wavy hair and facial hair and paleness reminded me of Petr and totally freaked me out.

Anyway, early_afternoon was horrified by my admission and I totally played the Heatley card (you would sleep with Heatley!), hence her admission.

At one point tonight, #1 in the Pacific had 69 points, and #2 - #5 had 68 points. *throws up* Right now the entire division is in the playoffs.

I'm... cautiously liking the way that the Sharks are playing now. There is more patience and less desperation. Still not as much as finish as I'd like, but... Sharks teams never have finish for whatever reason. :P Defensively, the team seems more sound, but I think a lot of that is Niemi being really solid. The team isn't as dependent on him as the Kings are on Quick, but... I don't like depending on goalies. I do like that the scoring seems to be coming from everywhere, though.

Mr. Vlasic is injured. :(

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