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It's not a paradox, really. Uhh...

They had a shot of Kane in the locker room before the game yesterday and two thoughts occurred to me simultaneously:

  • He is so disgusting.
  • I love him.
Donuts scored another goal and kissed his goalie (Quick). This is fine because JMFJ was flirting with Jonathan Bernier before the game and he is the much cuter one. Also, before the shootout Donuts and Quick were flirting shamelessly RIGHT IN FRONT OF JMFJ, who was... staring blankly into the distance.

herwhereabouts says: "Don't be fooled by his blank look of indifference! He was totally evilly plotting against Quick! But, like, that might make Drew really sad, and like, Quick is pretty good at stuff. Like stopping pucks and stuff. So he's stuck. "

But these thoughts seem kind of complicated and beyond him, so I prefer to interpret it as just him being completely clueless. (Plus, he has the cuter goalie anyway. So there.)

I'm irritated that the Kings game is exclusively on NHL Network again so I won't be able to record it, and I won't be able to watch a stream live because somebody inconsiderately scheduled a meeting in the afternoon. Boo.

I don't really know what to think about the Ducks/Caps game last night. I mean, I know, McElhinney haha, but hopefully the Caps have exhausted their goal scoring. And having had 6 scored on them is promising too? I don't know.

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