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Finally! A quick, secure line of communication

I wrote a fic about JMFJ talking to his little brother which is loosely based on my relationship with my two oldest sisters. Unfortunately, thanks to early_afternoon's umm, highlighting of a pedo fic recently, I kept looking at passages and thinking, "is this pedo?", "how about this?" and "oh God, this might sound like pedo rape". :( And it is COMPLETELY INNOCENT. Anyway, there is also some Donuts in it. :) Fic here: One Last Summer

I've been sick the past few days. I had a sort of stomach bug thing, but maybe I just had a cold and happened to eat something bad at the same time. Alex & family are in Hawaii with Chip and Jenny for a couple of weeks, so it was a mellow weekend.

My great victory was forcing myself to work out a couple of times when I didn't quite feel like it. To be fair, I was recovering from being sick and somewhat weak from lack of food (cos' of the stomach thing). A lot of Biggest Loser-style almost throwing up was involved the second day. :P But I'm getting results, not really suffering and still eating enjoyable food. I also felt pretty good after climbing the seven flights of stairs to the bus stop at Genentech today. :D

I was super excited the other night because my dad sent me an email! I didn't know that he had email. Now I can communicate with him using means other than sending him snail mail. That was secure because he picks up the mail. Texting him was not an option because my mother reads his text messages. :( But now he has email. :)

I know Bob Dylan is one of those deified musicians, but... I really don't care for his performances. Like, he's a very good songwriter, I think, but every time I see someone cover his songs, they're pretty much always better than the original, which is something you rarely see, haha. KT Tunstall's Tangled Up in Blue totally blows his version away.
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