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Title: Practice
Author: Mae
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sidney Crosby/Jack Johnson
Dedication: robi0688 *mumble* *grumble*
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Author's Notes: Crosby and Jack Johnson went to Shattuck-St. Mary's together when they were 15. robi0688 asked me 'do you think sidney and jmfj ever "practiced for real kissing"?' last night. And then proceeded to describe some kissing fail.


Jack was staring intently at the TV, scanning for enemy soldiers through his sniper scope. He had almost made it through to the end of the level; it had been a painstaking process, keeping to high ground, always crouching and moving slowly and silently, but he was going to do it. Sid had just failed the level he was on, and it would have been especially satisfying to complete the level so he could gloat a bit.

"Hey, have you ever kissed a girl?" Sid asked, and Jack promptly fell off the ledge of the building to his death.

"Fuck!" Jack yelled, throwing his controller down onto the floor in disgust. He turned and glared at Sid accusingly. "You did that on purpose, you asshole."

"No I didn't," Sid said, innocently. "I was just asking a question."

Jack punched him hard in the shoulder anyway and Sid retaliated in kind, but without too much force. He realized that he was the cause of Jack's death, even if it hadn't been intentional.

"So?" Sid asked softly, rubbing his shoulder.

"So what?" Jack asked, bending over to pick up the controller and hand it to Sid.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"Oh." Jack paused, then looked away quickly. "Of course I have. Why? Have you?"

"Uhh." Sid pressed a button on the controller to restart the level. "Yeah, of course. Totally. I've kissed lots of girls."

Jack glanced sideways at Sid as he started guiding his soldier through the level, picking up some ammo, and he narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Like who?"

Sid swallowed and forged ahead through a ruined building, straight into a large, open square where he was promptly ambushed and cut down in a hail of bullets. He set the controller down on the edge of the bed between them. "Umm, what?"

"Who have you kissed?"

"Well, uhh, there was, uhh..." Sid was flustered, unable to come up with a single classmate's name. That was the effect that Jack's stare had on him.

"You've never kissed a girl!" Jack shouted, interrupting Sid. He grinned, amused by the way Sid's cheeks were starting to flush as he looked down, unable to look Jack in the eye.

Sid was horribly embarrassed that he'd been found out so easily. He could just picture it--Jack and the other guys having a good laugh at his expense in the locker room. He wished that he'd never said anything to Jack at all. It had been a stupid idea anyway and would never have worked. He should have just kept his mouth shut and spared himself the humiliation.

"Sid." Jack nudged Sid's leg with his knee, trying to get him to look up. "Hey, you don't have to feel bad about it. I've--I've never kissed a girl too."

Sid's head jerked back up and his eyes widened. He tried to suppress the smile that was bubbling up from the renewed hope inside him. "You haven't?"

Jack shook his head. "No, I haven't. And you can't tell anyone, okay?"

"I won't. You can't tell anyone about me either," Sid said, breathing a sigh of relief when Jack nodded in response.

They sat there awkwardly for a while, the only sounds intermittent gunfire and grenade explosions from the death scene that was still playing on the TV. Sid handed the controller to Jack, but he just placed it on his lap instead of restarting the level.

"So why did you ask me about that?" he asked. "Unless you were trying to get me to fail the level."

"I wasn't," Sid answered. "I was just thinking--I was wondering if..." He took a deep breath, trying to gather his courage. "I wanted to know if maybe you'd want to, I don't know, maybe if, maybe you could practice? With me."

Jack's mouth dropped open in shock, and Sid's heart sank, thinking for the second time in as many minutes that he should have remained silent. Jack was going to figure out that Sid hadn't kissed any girls before because he hadn't ever wanted to kiss girls, not even a little bit. He could only pray that Jack wouldn't find out that the only person he'd ever wanted to kiss was sitting right next to him, staring intently.

Aware that his mouth was still open, Jack quickly closed it and started biting his lip nervously, hoping he hadn't looked like too much of an idiot. He'd been wanting to kiss Sid for at least a month and he couldn't believe that he was possibly going to get his wish. He wondered if it was going to be some sort of cruel trick. He imagined saying "yes" and Sid dissolving into laughter and rolling on the floor, pointing at him as he talked about how he couldn't wait to tell the guys what had happened.

"I uhh, I guess that would be okay," Jack said, trying to sound as unenthusiastic as possible so he could play it off as something he'd agreed to do entirely for Sid's benefit if his imagined scenario came true. His heart raced, to his dismay, making it difficult for him to appear disinterested.

Sid coughed loudly and covered his mouth, trying to stifle the huge smile that was threatening to take over his face. Jack didn't sound happy, but he'd agreed to do it and that was all Sid had wanted since the idea had popped into his head and taken over his waking life; he thought about it in class, during practice and especially when he was showering or lying in bed.

"So umm, who goes first?" Jack asked, biting his lip again.

"Well, we uhh, I mean, we..." Sid was concerned that maybe Jack had misunderstood what he wanted. "We go together. At the same time."

Jack frowned at him, scratching his head. "But doesn't one of us have to pretend to be the girl?"

"Oh!" Sid exhaled, trying not to appear too relieved. "I guess so. I can be the girl first. If you want. Or you can be the girl. You know, if you want."

"No, that's okay, you can be first," Jack said, biting his lip a little harder. He was fairly close to drawing blood.

"Okay," Sid said, and waited.

Jack licked his lips and leaned forward a little, but Sid was staring at him intensely and it made him nervous that Sid might suddenly flip out and punch him in the face or something. He sat back and shifted uncomfortably.

"What's wrong?" Sid asked, disappointed and worried that Jack had changed his mind. He had been so close, and he would be devastated if he failed right on the verge of getting what he wanted.

"Come closer," Jack said, patting the empty space on the bed between them. "And close your eyes."

Sid did as he was told, and Jack took a deep breath, still not really believing that he was going to kiss Sid. But he'd never held back from anything in his life, and he wasn't going to start; he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Sid's, surprised by how soft they were, but mostly just overcome by how much his lips tingled at the contact. All that stuff he'd heard about electricity and sparks and magic--he was buying it all at that moment.

Then the thought occurred to him that he'd been kissing Sid for too long, and he sat back reluctantly, slightly giddy from the first kiss that had ever really mattered to him. He tried to calm down, hoping that Sid wouldn't notice the effect he had on him.

He needn't have worried because Sid was too busy figuring out how he was going to keep Jack from noticing his raging hard-on. And right before that he'd been experiencing many of the same things that Jack had, along with the observation that Jack's lips were very, very wet. It might have been an unpleasant sensation, but the fact that Jack was finally kissing him overpowered everything.

"How was that?" Jack asked, his heart sinking when Sid turned away from him and tried to cover his crotch with his hands in what he hoped was a natural pose. He was disappointed by Sid's reaction, and he knew that he shouldn't be because he'd already gotten what he wanted, and why should he expect any more? It was crazy to think that Sid would have enjoyed being kissed by him as much as he'd enjoyed doing the kissing.

"It was okay," Sid said distractedly in a slightly strangled voice. He wanted so badly to kiss Jack again, and then he brightened when he realized that he could. "It's your turn now. You know, to be the girl."

"Oh. Uhh, what do you want me to do?" Jack asked, not having had any experience with being a girl.

"Same thing, I guess. Just close your eyes." Sid stopped and looked at Jack for a moment, taking advantage of the opportunity to just watch him without having to worry about being discovered. Then he leaned in and kissed Jack, unconsciously wrapping his arms around him and pulling him close. Jack wasn't resisting and he felt encouraged; he started pushing his tongue between Jack's lips, his enthusiasm making him a little more forceful than he intended.

Jack was surprised by the feeling of Sid's tongue against his lips, his teeth, and he froze, unsure if he actually liked it. Then he suddenly became aware of how much of their bodies were in contact, and he became especially aware that his dick was straining against his shorts and poking into Sid's hip. In a panic, he shifted away from Sid to the corner of the bed and hunched over a little, trying to hide his excitement.

"That bad, huh?" Sid chuckled, trying to not to show how hurt he felt that Jack had rejected him. He tried to tell himself that that wasn't it; Jack thought that they were just practicing to prepare for kissing girls. But he still felt unwanted.

"Yeah," Jack blurted without thinking, then quickly tried to make up for what he'd said. "I mean, maybe you should try again."

Sid smiled in response and Jack moved in closer to him and closed his eyes again. This time Sid kissed him more gently and Jack parted his lips, letting Sid slip his tongue in slowly, nearly driving him out of his mind. There was a nagging worry that his hard-on was in plain view and all it would take was a glance down for Sid to see it, but he felt so good that he didn't really care.

"Was that better?" Sid asked when they moved apart, finally.

"Yeah, it was," Jack said, smiling. "Can I try again?"

Sid nodded and Jack tried again, then let Sid try once more. They kept at it for a long time, privately grateful that they were both perfectionists.


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  • Wine weekend!

    Just got back from a weekend in Wine Country. Ate lots of good food, tasted some wine and played Codenames and One Night Ultimate Werewolf at night.…

  • AO3 initialized!

    A month and a half later, I have finally started posting old fic to AO3! :P Best of Seven I will add more whenever I'm not lazy, heh heh.

  • Dude, where's my site?

    So apparently my fic site has been deleted. Don't really feel like hunting down free web hosting so I might start putting it on AO3. Is that pretty…