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So, robi0688 came up with the idea of Sidney Crosby having slowly turned into a robot over the years, and she started making... (adorable) robot noises every time we talked about him and and and... we think that, just like how Drew Doughty turned into a doughnut, Sidney Crosby could turn into a robot dog (an AIBO). She said it's on her list now! Low down on the list, but... on the list at all! *hopeful*

I am really pleased with how the Sharks played today! It would have been nice if Joe had scored on one of his four awesome chances, but as it turns out, he didn't need to. I don't know how I feel about Logan Couture pretty much being the Sharks MVP so far. That's great for him, but shouldn't our other boys be better?

I feel as if I like this year's team more than last year's though. I don't know if it's because the Heatley factor has worn off somewhat, or if I just feel more comfortable with struggling teams (pretty much every team I've started watching has sucked really bad, haha), but it just makes it more interesting to watch.

I love Nabby, but I like that now the team can't depend on him anymore. Niemi has been solid lately, but the team isn't playing like they take that for granted. Ben Eager and Wellwood have been surprisingly good, but we'll see what the team settles down like.

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