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Patrick Kane knows how to read

Before I get to my awesome day, here's what robi0688 shared with me last night:

The color drained from Patrick Kane's face when he was confronted with the knowledge of how he has spent part of his offseason after helping the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup.

It was his mother, Donna, who caught the 21-year-old in the act — of reading a book.

While the fourth installment of the "Twilight" series isn't exactly Tolstoy, the image of Kane in the bedroom of his Buffalo childhood home, curled up with a book instead of carousing on the streets of his hometown, is fairly startling.

"Ohhhh," Kane said with a laugh after regaining his composure. "She would throw me under the bus like that. I watched the first three movies and was really interested … so I decided to read the fourth book. I kind of snuck it in there, and she walked in a couple of times with me reading the book. I tried to hide it, but it wasn't happening.

I like how whoever wrote this just kind of states matter-of-factly that Kane is a sleazemeister. And stupid. ♥ Light of my life, man.

It was really sunny and warm yesterday morning so I went to the beach and plotted fic, which got me thinking about Michigan in the summer, which made me re-read Maybe in Michigan Too, which made me CRY AT THE BEACH (but only a little), but feel pretty good overall. I went and watched the waves and let them wash over my feet, which was nice but remember this is a Northern California beach and the water is always cold. ;)

And then I forced myself to go over to a friend's place to watch the Superbowl even though I was feeling lazy and antisocial. This is part of my recent campaign to force myself to do things that I kind of dread but enjoy while I'm doing them. Like exercise. I'll be sleepy/tired/nauseous but I make myself do it and it always feels good during and after. Trying to apply that to other parts of my life.

I think I came off as a more knowledgeable football fan than I really am cos' when the scored was 21-3 I was talking about how I was nervous that Hines Ward hadn't done anything and he always has a knack for being annoying and coming up big... and then he got like 3 big catches, the last of which was a touchdown. :P There were chips and guacamole and delicious steak and red wine for dinner. Mmm!

Wow, what a game. I usually just want to watch some good football, but this year I really didn't want the Steelers to win the Superbowl because of the whole ROETHLISBERGER IS A RAPIST thing (robi0688 told me that the Bengals fans started a NO MEANS NO chant when the Steelers were there this season LOL) but also, I support Aaron Rodgers as he was a Cal QB and that makes him a Bay Area person in my mind. :) Really gutsy for the Packers to pull out a win without Woodson and Driver. They really earned this one. Watching with other people (who know football) was great too cos' it was fun to cheer and celebrate. In general my RL friends (other than some of you people) aren't that into sports.

Spotted: A Bernie reading my LJ. I only know this from using the LJ stalking tools, she didn't respond to any of my messages or anything. I take this as a sign that nothing untoward has happened to her?
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