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I guess someone beat me to it

So, I thought I was the first person to write JMFJ/Donuts fic, but apparently it's actually this guy who writes for, hmph.

From Doughty and Johnson an exciting pair (yes that's the real title):

The connection between Doughty, 20, and Johnson, 23, is obvious on and off the ice. They were already friends before the Olympics, but after playing against each other in the gold-medal game -- with Doughty's Team Canada beating Johnson's Team USA -- they grew tighter. They talked about their expectations for the Games as they flew up together and reminisced about what they had just accomplished on the flight back together.

"That experience will be something we'll never forget," Johnson said "We'll probably never again play in a game of that magnitude globally unless we play against each other in another gold-medal game."

Despite only recently being paired together on the power play after Johnson replaced Jarret Stoll in Game 2, Johnson and Doughty have always enjoyed playing off each other on the ice, even if it's at practice and not in a game.

"Me and Jack love playing together," Doughty said. "We have a lot of fun and we're both the same kind of players; we can be gritty in our defensive zone and then other times like to jump in on the offense and feed the power play. We kind of feed off each other and know what each other is doing before we do it, and that's why we work so well together."

Johnson smiles when he hears Doughty's comments because, not surprisingly, he was thinking the same thing.

"I think we think a lot alike, which helps on the ice," Johnson said. "If you're thinking alike you don't need all the extra signals, you just read and react. And he and I are doing that well, and first and foremost we're having fun out there. When you think alike, the power play comes easily, and it's already a strong suit for us. It's great to have a partner out there like him."

I guess it's nice to know they did in fact fall in love with each other after the Olympics. I vaguely remember that I was actually irritated with them for scoring all those PPGs (yeah, I don't remember) and sort of pointedly ignoring them (but a little bit happy for JMFJ).

Also, it's nice to know that the way to improve the PP is to kick Stoll out of the first unit and replace him with JMFJ. Oh wait, what's that? Shouldn't they already have known that and not had to repeat it last week? Hrm.

Between this and the comments from the previous post it's like they're in some kind of competition to show who's gayer for the other.

[ Edit: Oh right, there was also this. They asked Donuts what he was going to get for JMFJ for his birthday, and he answered: "I don't think money is going to get him anything good, so maybe I'll get him a nice sentimental gift." ... what guy says he's going to get a sentimental gift for another guy? And what does that even mean? ]

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