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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

Numbered paragraphs, just like Daddy

My Jack Johnson/Drew Doughty mini big bang fic is here: Tangled Up in Blue

  1. So, if you live with a married couple and the wife comes into your room holding a thong and asks, "Is this yours?" you should probably say "yes" even if it isn't yours.
  2. When a fic header warning traumatizes you, it probably defeats the point of warnings.
  3. I am a little bit in love with Drew Doughty's UFC takedown of Taylor Hall.
  4. If he did actually turn into a plain doughnut with chocolate frosting, I would probably take a nibble.
  5. *high fives everyone who finished the fic challenge* The rest of you are almost done, right? Right?
  6. Brian Wilson is keeping his stupid fucking beard.
  7. Why do I like people with incredibly boring, generic names who have more famous musical counterparts that constantly fuck up my attempts to Google them?
  8. His name isn't even actually Jack, it's John. John (Joseph Louis) Johnson III. Ugh.

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we like to call drew muffin, cause he looks like he exists entitely on him and we'd like a bite! nom <3

Muffin! Donuts! I sense a pattern here...

I'm so loving the fact that there is longer real fic again! :) Yours is on the top of my list to get to. (even if there is crysby in it) ;)

You can thank robi0688 and crankygeek for organizing the challenge. :) Crosby is in only one scene if that makes it better! :P

I'm just thrilled that others miss that kind of fic. I thought a friend of mine and myself were the only ones out there!

And what's extra cool is that someone like abby20 has never really written a fic this long before, so I was super excited to see what she'd come up with! *sighs happily*

I should also tell you that a my friend read yours and absolutely loved it! I've been trying to get someone to write Drew/JMFJ for a couple of years, and she said you did a great job. :)

Ahh, please say thanks to your friend for me! :) And I didn't know you were secretly shipping them, haha. It was herwhereabouts who gave me the pairing idea, I think (also I'm a sucker for those slightly competitive/antagonistic relationships).

His name isn't even actually Jack, it's John. John (Joseph Louis) Johnson III. Ugh.

HIS PARENTS. What were they thinking, dude. It boggles the mind.

Well, I guess his dad got screwed so he's like, I'm going to make my son suffer too, muahahahaha!

If by "almost done" you mean "wrote 300 words in December, realized it couldn't be written sans Google, gave up, thought of a great title for a totally unrelated fic, and realized that said title did not come with a plot, pairing, or motivation" then yes, I am almost done.

Damn it! I think you need to be assigned a cheerleader.

I need to be assigned a better brain is what I need.

(In all seriousness, I really DO want to try to write SOMETHING. I just can't promise it'll be very soon.)

You do not need a better brain! I would be more than happy to beta/cheerlead for you! I admit, when I saw that you signed up for the challenge, it made me very happy. :D

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