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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

"He and I really enjoy playing with each other."

I thought Tuesday was an awesome night, but last night turned out to be pretty good too. :)

My highlight was abby20's fic. Seriously, I was bursting with love (and rainbows and puppies) after reading it. So so so happy. ♥

The Sharks had a nice start to their game, and... BEN EAGER and Jason Demers scored goals. Eager has been trying really hard the past few games, though, so uhh, mission accomplished? (joolzie said that one could say he was eager to get a goal. Then she promptly killed herself.)

JMFJ and Donuts had fantastic games last night! :D Donuts got clubbed in the face by Taylor Hall (Does anyone also think TAYLOR HALL IS A SUPER SPY! when you see his face? *crickets* *tumbleweed*) and then was FURIOUS for the rest of the game, and unleashed rage-fueled one-timers, as backcheck calls them. At least one of which was a goal, damn it! Come on, even Ryan Smyth said he didn't touch them!

Donuts claims he was not angry. Uh-huh.

DOUGHTY: “I didn’t really think there was a rivalry. I was trying to make the hit and he nailed me in the nose, so obviously I was a little (upset) about it, but once I got back out there, it wasn’t about getting back at him. I was just playing hard and trying to not let him get a goal.”

And then Donuts and JMFJ were embarrassingly indiscreet and kind of TMI about each other:

DOUGHTY: “Me and Jack have wanted to play together for a little while here. We’ve been on separate PP units, and they finally put us together tonight and you saw what we can do together. Hopefully we can continue to produce like that.”
JOHNSON: “He and I really enjoy playing with each other. We’re just kind of reading and reacting, and we have fun doing it. So whatever the coaches decide is best, but I know Drew and I have a lot of fun playing with each other.”

Umm, as long as it's just on the PP, right? Right? But yeah, Doughty + Stoll was just not working out. Doughty + JMFJ is scary.

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No, but I definitely think Eberle's "high ankle sprain" and "appendectomy" especially are cover-ups for something far more explosive, shall we say. (As long as he didn't fight a bear.) And Gilbert Brule is clearly deep undercover. Or he's just a crack addict. It's kind of tough to say at this point.

He could be deep undercover as a crack addict! Also, wasn't Brule a Blue Jacket? I don't know where the fuck anyone is anymore.

He was, yes, but he's been an Oiler for like three years, lol. (Admittedly, he hasn't done much for most of that.) That's who we got for Torres. They're too much alike.

OMG, that happened 3 years ago??? Sometimes I see a guy and think, wasn't he playing for that team? ... and he's been traded twice since.

The Swedes on our team are pretty evil. I bet they're up to something. They always dodge out of practice together. Okay, maybe they did that once. But up to something, no doubt.

Also I meant to say coke addict. I don't think he's doing crack . . . I don't think he's doing coke either! He's just had really sketchy, long absences for two seasons in a row now.

Well, specifically, it was that he's 'been eager.' But maybe you don't say been like us midwestern sophisticates.

Argh, that's right. I think my mind blocked out the second stage of horrible.

Donuts expressed so much rage last night, and yet it still couldn't hold a candle to JMFJ's roidface.

Dude, that was fucking TERRIFYING. I wonder who he was snarling at.

... although that could just be his normal face, too.


Drew was so hilariously angry, dude! I couldn't help but laugh at how enraged he presumably was over Hall.

So much enthusiasm for playing with each other! It warms my heart. I don't think they've ever said anything like that about each other before, have they?

Oh dude, did you see the screenshot on theroyalhalf.com of JJ's face? TERRIFYING. I love how they caught Drew's F-bomb tirade on the Oilers feed, hahaha. And he was totally going after Taylor Hall the rest of the night too. So much rage.

BTW, you have to go read early_afternoon's fic in which Drew turns into a doughnut (seriously). It's fucking hilarious. Oh n/m you already read it, haha.

I think that they are so sick of being separated on the PP that they are being overly complimentary and effusive so Murray doesn't fuck it up again, haha.

THAT FACE. *hides* Omg, dude. Haha.

I JUST READ THAT AND AM GOING TO READ IT AGAIN BEFORE BED. I laughed so much, and it felt so good. That was amazing, no lie.

Yeah, I was discussing it with joolzie and I was telling her it's part of JJ's guerilla movement to overthrow the coaches and said that they probably made the choice to sound gay instead of sounding seditious.

When early_afternoon told me the idea, I said that JJ would eat him up despite the sugar, refined carbs and saturated fat. It's Drew! He can't resist him! :P

early_afternoon seems like a very smart and amazing person. I would like to subscribe to her newsletter.

Haha, JJ would choke whilst eating because he would be cackling like mad. Like, seriously, Drew. ONLY YOU.

You should friend her and backcheck! OMG that reminds me, did you read early_afternoon's Quick/Ryan Miller fic? It's soooooooo good!

So JJ would choke on Drew? I'm sure that's happened before, har har. *ahem*

I don't want it to be weird! Haha, like, hi, Mae told me you are amazing, and I am going to friend you now. Boom. Deal with it.

Jokes aside, I will!


I knew you would go there! Haha. I bet it has happened more times then he'd like to admit. *whistles*

Hee! I'll let them know who you are! Uhh, I mean I've talked about you but not as your LJ name, hehe.

It's in the fic challenge community reallybigsticks. The fic is locked, but I think it's an open community so you can just join and read it.

... maybe DREW LIKES IT. He's just trying to make him happy!

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