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"He and I really enjoy playing with each other."

I thought Tuesday was an awesome night, but last night turned out to be pretty good too. :)

My highlight was abby20's fic. Seriously, I was bursting with love (and rainbows and puppies) after reading it. So so so happy. ♥

The Sharks had a nice start to their game, and... BEN EAGER and Jason Demers scored goals. Eager has been trying really hard the past few games, though, so uhh, mission accomplished? (joolzie said that one could say he was eager to get a goal. Then she promptly killed herself.)

JMFJ and Donuts had fantastic games last night! :D Donuts got clubbed in the face by Taylor Hall (Does anyone also think TAYLOR HALL IS A SUPER SPY! when you see his face? *crickets* *tumbleweed*) and then was FURIOUS for the rest of the game, and unleashed rage-fueled one-timers, as backcheck calls them. At least one of which was a goal, damn it! Come on, even Ryan Smyth said he didn't touch them!

Donuts claims he was not angry. Uh-huh.

DOUGHTY: “I didn’t really think there was a rivalry. I was trying to make the hit and he nailed me in the nose, so obviously I was a little (upset) about it, but once I got back out there, it wasn’t about getting back at him. I was just playing hard and trying to not let him get a goal.”

And then Donuts and JMFJ were embarrassingly indiscreet and kind of TMI about each other:

DOUGHTY: “Me and Jack have wanted to play together for a little while here. We’ve been on separate PP units, and they finally put us together tonight and you saw what we can do together. Hopefully we can continue to produce like that.”
JOHNSON: “He and I really enjoy playing with each other. We’re just kind of reading and reacting, and we have fun doing it. So whatever the coaches decide is best, but I know Drew and I have a lot of fun playing with each other.”

Umm, as long as it's just on the PP, right? Right? But yeah, Doughty + Stoll was just not working out. Doughty + JMFJ is scary.
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