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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Marleau

My heart swells to bursting

Okay, first of all, let me just say today was like Christmas morning for me because I woke up and there was SDQ's mini big bang fic! So the first thing I did today was read it. I didn't even get out of bed, haha. *sighs happily*

(Umm, it's not that kind of fic, so don't get any ideas.)

Then tersa told me she had an extra ticket to tonight's game and I was really tired, but she told me it was Patty's 1000th game ceremony, and... guys, I love him so much and so deeply I can't really talk about it because it makes me cry. And boy did I cry tonight. Doug Wilson gave a speech and it made me so weepy and Christina and Landon and Brody and his parents were there and... some players just personify their teams, and that's what he is to me.

Anyway, just watching that was worth going to the game for me. It seemed for 2 periods that it was all I was going to get from the game, LOL. But then Niemi got pulled, so I got to watch Stalock's NHL debut! He is so very adorable and scuttles around like a little crab. ♥ (Aww, and his parents were at the game!)

We were down 3-0 at this point, but I was pretty happy with just getting to see the ceremony and Stalock's debut and tersa was about to take off when Joe Pavelski scored [ Edit: I noticed that he was smiling all through warm ups and thought it was weird. He's usually all serious business! ] and then she couldn't leave anymore. For the first two periods of the game, it was very clear that the Coyotes were the better team. Won all the battles, first to the puck, kept Sharks on perimeter, etc. But they were playing almost too well and kind of fizzled out in the third. That combined with the Sharks waking up doomed them.

This is the Nolan Schaefer effect, where when someone dubious/incompetent is placed in goal, the team kind of wakes up and goes OH SHIT WE HAVE TO PLAY HOCKEY NOW and become very fearful and play really hard.

[ Edit: My favourite play of the night? Not Wellwood's coordination goal, or even Patty's short-handed goal. It was Devin going down to block a shot with like 20 seconds left in the game. Devin. Blocking a shot. *cries* ]

Anyway, I'm so tired right now, but this was such a great day. joolzie even alerted to me this really cute moment where JMFJ is in the penalty box and a 3-year-old Wild fan STARES HIM DOWN and he tries to be friendly and waves to him and the kid doesn't fall for it. Then they cut to him zoning out on the bench and someone taps him on the shoulder and he's like OH SHIT and hops onto the ice.

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I am very sad that CERTAIN PEOPLE have not yet posted their fic, but on the other hand, it spreads out the joy. Over multiple days!

Yeah, damn slackers!

But you made me happy. ♥ I'm kind of paying for yesterday with some sleep deprivation today.

Wow, I can't believe Patty has played a thousand games! That's amazing. He's one of those guys that scores against the Kings like mad, but I never hate him for it.

Also, that JJ vid... *gives up* HOW SO CUTE AND AMAZING. HOW.

Argh, my comment is gone!

Anyway, I said Doug Wilson was commenting on how most guys who hit 1000 games are all creaky and old and Patty's still in his prime.

If you go to theroyalhalf.com, there's a screenshot of him and the kid smiling. :) I guess there was more stuff on the Kings feed.

BTW, I screened all of our conversations on my fic, they're not gone. But I figured I'd spare the fic challenge readers cos' they were taking up half the page, haha. I'll unscreen them later.

just reading about your inability to talk about patty without wanting to cry made me want to cry. i want to get like a million facebook/lj/twitter/WHATEVER accounts and update them all with "PATRICK MARLEAU CAPTAIN OF MY HEART!!!" and then roll in a field of flowers with puppies.

OMG did you see his face after he scored that goal? And with the mega fist pump! *sobs* Who would know that such a passive-looking person would inspire such emotion? Hahaha. (I'm tearing up again)

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