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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane is the light of my life

This photo made my day.

Patrick Kane

Okay, so he could also have been holding a cigar and some booze, and the girls could be strippers and that would have fulfilled my Kane "fantasy", but this is a really good step in the right direction! :D

It really made up for what I found while I was looking for the giggly Crosby video at the draft, which was this:

SDQ: It's like a look of SMOLDERING LUST
Joolzie: It was totally 'I can't wait to get home and have you ride me like you rode that bike'

If you want to watch the video, it's here. Skip to 6:08. It's actually a few sustained seconds of smoldering lust. Yeah, I don't know. It made me feel queasy.

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Jack and Sid were, if not a couple, they had a whole lot of unresolved sexual tension. There are articles, stories, videos...those two, good lord. They LOVED each other.

It's really a terrifying amount of love! And they still talk every week on the phone even now. I was also somewhat taken aback by Sid telling Jack he liked his underwear...

Isn't it fantastic? The hat really completes the look.

Listen. This was all well and good when they were teenagers and boys will be boys and all that, but Sidney really needs to move on to a nice, non-douchey CANADIAN boy now, okay?

I have no objection to this, but right now he's like Queen Elizabeth after she reinvented herself as a virgin.


*cries* Like it wasn't upsetting enough, now I have a soundtrack to it!!!

First off, Patrick Kane is amazing. He's such a chaotic little bastard, and that's great, since the NHL lacks a personality, in general.

Okay. Why have I never seen those vids before? OMG CROSBY OMG. OMG Jack, your Superman boxers! What! I mean, I can't - what. How are these two real, man. I hope, in a very mean and evil way, that JJ is able to convince Sid not to re-sign with the Pens when his contract is up, and he becomes a King. Their interactions would be slashy gold, dude. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

I can't believe you've never seen that All-Access Draft thing!!!!!! Oh man. There's so much going on there. "Is it safe to use this?" and and and Sid liking his underwear. And throwing away pants because they're wrinkled.

I never noticed him STARING AT JACK ON THE BIKE before though until I saw one of the YouTube comments on it, haha.


It's a really terrifying amount of love between them at the 2005 draft. They still talk on the phone every week and everything!

i just laughed so hard my dog came in to check on me. those are two of the greatest/worst pictures in the history of everything great and traumatic. YES.

Oh man, you have no idea how happy the Kane photo made me, hahaha.

The video is EVEN CREEPIER because Crosby is obscured by JMFJ while he's on the bike, and then he sits back and it's revealed that he was STARING LUSTILY AT HIM THE WHOLE TIME. *shudder* And then Joolzie had to verbalize it. :(

i'm just kind of floored that we never noticed that before. we SAT AT MY HOUSE AND WATCHED THAT VIDEO TOGETHER, and we did not notice the creepy lingering stare of desperate lust!

brb have to throw up

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