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Who are these guys?

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Jack with his figure skating silver medal. Umm, I mean hockey. His loyalties go in this order: USA, University of Michigan, Los Angeles Kings.

Drew Doughty

I tried to find a nice photo of him but... I'm not sure that those exist. So watch this video instead:

If you read the fic, lemme say that this happened after I wrote this fic, thus I am semi-psychic.

According to Mike Babcock, Drew Doughty has been "touched by God" as far as playing defense goes.

Jack and Drew, sitting in a tree

The boys on the Kiss Cam in Phoenix. Skip to about 25 seconds in. Aww!

Jack and Sid

This is from the 2005 draft combine. Beyond the obvious, umm, expression, my question is why is he standing by his side while he's riding the bike?

Jack Johnson and Sidney Crosby

As kids together at Shattuck-St. Mary's. Crosby got hit by a pitch in a game, so later Jack leaned into a pitch and charged the mound and started a brawl. (Described by Jack in video below)

Jack and Sid as roommates at the draft. Skip to 7:18. There is discussion of wrestling, pranks and half-naked lounging.


More videos

A ten minute feature on Jack Johnson.

A fifteen minute feature on Drew Doughty. (Because he couldn't fit in ten)

Drew Doughty on After Hours (Part 1).

Part 2

Part 3, where he talks about meeting Gretzky "taking a piss beside him".

At around 4:08, Jack talking about how Sid asked him to defend his honour in a baseball game.


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