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Things I learned during the All-Star Weekend

Despite not having anyone I really really liked at the All-Star Game this year, I really enjoyed it. I'm so happy that TSN did the coverage of the fantasy draft because they made it fun and Versus would have just been... boring and lame.

Anyway, I learned a lot! Here's what I learned/observed:

  • Matt Duchene is really stupid. Like Beavis and Butthead stupid.
  • Karlsson looks like the kind of girl I would have had a group crush on with my friends in primary/secondary school.
  • Brent Burns looked briefly sultry as he skated in front of Tim Thomas while Thomas was being interviewed. I totally fucked up joolzie's entire world view with this observation.
  • When Jeff Skinner smiles, he really really really looks like Jonathan Tucker (this actor I like). Seriously, look. This fucked me up every time I saw Skinner.
  • I hate Emrick. I hate that he's fucked up the Stanley Cup Final and any other major NHL event for me for the past few years. Not completely ruined, but made less special, and goddamnit I love hockey so much that it pisses me off. :P
  • Patrick Kane is like a light in my life. Who knew I would enjoy watching someone descend into degenerate lechery quite so much?
  • Couture with a nice goal in the elimination shootout! :) Boyle with the awesome suggestion that Subban wear Skinner's jersey for the breakaway challenge.
  • Being a fan of comics, I wanted to like the Guardian Project thing. I mostly just felt kind of awkward. But I guess I'm not big into superhero comics in general. *coughs*
  • The Sedins saying "pick us" was followed by "OR WE WILL DESTROY YOUR PUNY PLANET" (in my mind).
  • I was really happy for Kopi! But slightly saddened that he's starting to look more like a human.
  • For a very brief, almost infinitesimally short moment, when Eric Staal was thanking the fans at the beginning of the draft, and he turned his head and was transitioning between smiles, he very vaguely resembled abby20. (I am now dead to her)
  • Toews looked like he was kicking back with a beer at the 2nd intermission and holding it in front of his crotch.

I am saddened that mini big bang fics will actually be posted on 2/1, which is a day later than I thought. I want my Miller Time, damn it! :P
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