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Thorty, are you okay?

*squeals* Best game ever!!! *tackles Lira*

Huge pile-up behind Nabby's net, everyone was in it, including Nabby, which I only realized when Labbe came dashing across the ice, gloves flying! And I was like ... where's Nabby? God, I didn't know 11 guys that size could fit into a space that small. *grin*

I'm starting to really like Teemu in a "he's a good guy" kind of way. *sigh* I was so happy for him when he scored. Eee, and Sturm threw his arm around Patty's neck and pulled him close for a hug. *sighs happily*

Cheech!!! We were just wondering whether he'd ever fought, and he gets into a fight, and then gets a game misconduct. *heart bursts with pride* He could have gotten a Gordie Howe hat trick too. *pouts*

Thorty! *cries* What happened to you? Why can't I find anything on this? He left the game in the first clutching his jaw, I didn't even see what happened. *sniffle* He just recovered from the flu and he gets hurt. *weeps*

Wrote Robyn's birthday fic on the train on the way to and back from the game. *weeps* I have an express ticket to hell now. Tammy showed me really cute pics of him, and something he drew when he was young and he's so awesome and ... *shrieks*
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