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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Deep thoughts...

So, I recently rescued an electronic scale from under a huge pile of clothes in the laundry room and have been weighing myself a lot. :P Chip is in town for some meetings, so he was hanging out in my room last night.

ME: Hey! I weighed myself before and after I peed and I'm 0.2 pounds lighter after peeing!
CHIP: ...

But the really crazy thing is the 2 pound difference between going to sleep and waking up. I didn't know that people lost that much water! That's losing 2 pints in 8 hours.

These are the kinds of things I think about every day.

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Yeah, they say you should weigh yourself first thing when you wake up. That's when you're lightest and it stays the most consistent.

It just seems like so much to lose! Like they recommend 8 (8 oz) glases of liquids per day, and I'm sure you get more from food and stuff, but... it still seems like a lot!

But it does seem to have been pretty consistent every morning so far.

I think sleep is pretty important to weight loss in general? All I know is, when I'm dieting, if I'm short on sleep it makes a difference.

Supposedly lack of sleep makes you release more stress hormones, which in turn causes various behaviours that would result in weight gain. But when I'm short on sleep, I get nauseated by anything that isn't like... fruit, vegetables, whole grain or low fat.

Our scale was cheap and isn't very accurate. I weighed myself before and after a shower once and apparently gained four pounds. It made me giggle.

LOL! It was all of the water you absorbed through your skin! ;) I have a cheesy IKEA one that pretty consistently reports about 5 pounds under the real weight even though it's calibrated properly at 0.

ugh. both of those scales (yours and karen's) would drive me crazy. i always check my scale's calibration after i go to the doctor.

The electronic scale is really good, but the body fat measurement functionality is super dodgy.

...i don't lose 2 pounds between going to sleep and waking up. what the hell are you doing, running marathons in your dreams?

then again, i'm chronically under-hydrated, so maybe that explains it.

Perhaps I'm very hydrated! But that's what it is every night, 2 pounds!

Also I totally wrote the thing about hydration before I read what you said about being chronically under-hydrated haha.

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