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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Evgeni Nabokov

Nabby says, "Fuck you."

Or, you know, it would be hilarious if he said that to the Islanders.

I'm relieved. I wasn't looking forward to watching him play for another team, and there's a much lower chance of me doing that if he's with the Isles. I understand why we didn't re-sign him, but I have a strong emotional attachment to him. I have a shitty memory, but I'll never forget him smiling at me in the Pittsburgh hotel Starbucks (while wearing sweatpants and lime green sneakers, LOL).

I watched the latest episode of The Mentalist and I was kind of blown away by the guest star who was playing the "decision science expert" or whatever it was. I never watched Star Trek: Enterprise, so the only thing I've seen her in before was Women's Murder Club (which I loved--I probably have a girlcrush on Angie Harmon since I love Rizzoli & Isles) and you couldn't do much with the role she had.

Just everything about the way she delivered her lines was so awesome. Mybe she's just really suited to that role, but I'll be looking out for her in other stuff from now on. Err, oh yeah, her name is Linda Park, hehe.

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Sweatpants and lime green sneakers = one of the many reasons I love everything about him.

It was hilarious, especially because he walked out of the elevator then stopped at the lobby and looked around, seemingly very pleased with himself, before he went to get coffee.

... I'm not entirely certain he was wearing underwear. :(

He's always pleased when he dresses himself on his own.

... he probably wasn't. Just one more step in the process. He's not THAT independent, especially without Tabitha.

So what happens if Nabokov refuses to report to the Islanders? I'm confused. This rule is lame. :P

I don't know! Because it seems kind of silly if you can just keep saying no until you get to the team that signed you.

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