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The Invincible M.A.E.

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TV show discussion sites?

Are there any good sites out there for discussion of TV shows? I know there are LJ communities for pretty much every show out there, but their content seems to consist mostly of icons, layouts and awkward fan fiction. :P Is TWoP the place to go? Or is it highly dependent on what show it is and they're just scattered all over the place?

I've recently gotten into Defying Gravity, which I know came out 1.5 years ago (I just never got around to watching it). I can see why it was unpopular and got cancelled--it's very slow. But you know, I actually do like when stuff is slow (it's not the reason for my meh opinion of Mad Men), when it unfolds in its own time. And I do like mysteries.

The show is basically Lost + Apollo 13 + (Event Horizon - the horror aspects). It was pimped as "Grey's Anatomy in space" and... well, there are relationships, I guess. Just like there are relationships in pretty much every show on TV. You might as well call CSI "Grey's Anatomy in a forensic lab".

The Sharks unexpectedly won last night in Vancouver! I thought it was a terrific game, lots of sustained forechecking from both teams, a really pretty Sedin-to-Sedin goal, a determined scoring-on-his-own-rebound goal from Couture. I mentally checked out after regulation. My attitude is "yay, one point".

I was also reading the Kings GDT on hfboards to keep up with that game (sounds like I didn't miss anything) while watching my game slightly delayed and they spoiled me for my game. :( I guess technically they're our division rival so they pay attention to our game or whatever. Hmph.

They were actually saying nice things about JMFJ just because everyone else was sucking so bad and not able to get pucks on net, especially Stoll.

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The show is basically Lost + Apollo 13 + (Event Horizon - the horror aspects).

I LOVED this show. I got made fun of by all the NASA people I know. I suggested they make a drinking game for all the scientific inaccuracies, but they said they'd get way too drunk for a Monday night.

Oh, I'm sure it's totally ridiculous compared to... reality, but I loved what they did with all of the training flashbacks, and I just really like all of the characters and subplots and stuff. I have 4 episodes left to watch *sniffle* but at least I got to see the beta object and find out what the real mission was and that it was linked to the previous Mars mission.

I'm almost motivated to look for fan fiction after I finish watching the series. :P

I just finished watching the series and immediately went to read the articles on how it would have ended. It's here if you haven't read it yet.

I know! Where are all the sites? I actually stalk a few people on LJ because they review(ed) shows that I like. I try to read Alan Sepinwall but sometimes his reviews are shit, and there's rarely joy. His Mad Men reviews are generally more in depth than any others.

I just browsed through some of his articles and his review of Off the Map convinced me not to watch the show, haha. (Seriously, Matt Saracen as an obnoxious guy? Noooooo.)

I watched the first episode and he's some plastic surgeon who showed up to a third world country looking for a vacation. His family hates him.

It's hard because I love Matt Saracen. I've been avoiding watching FNL because I don't want it to ever be over.

Hmm, what did you think of the show? I'm kind of weird. I love stuff about relationships, but when I perceive that the show's primary focus is on relationships (like with Grey's Anatomy, I get totally turned off.

Oh man, I feel the same way. What a complete gem of a show. I'm so grateful that it wasn't like, cancelled after the first season.

When I was in college (8 years ago now), TWOP was definitely the place to go for tv show talk. I've been back a few times lately, but it seems to me the forums are much more hit or miss now. Still, there are some popular non-recapped shows that have healthy discussion threads.

I will check it out. I get all my Fringe, The Event and The Walking Dead discussion from podcasts, but not every show works for that format. I know there's a Castle podcast and I just don't get what there'd be to talk about in that one. :P

Not only TV shows, but movies and other pop culture as well here at re/action. I haven't spent too much time there personally just because I'm too distracted by sports most of the time, but a couple people on my flist are founders/contributors, so I'm confident that the quality is pretty high.

Being an action/sci-fi fan myself who also loves... Felicity and Gilmore Girls, I appreciate the perspective there a lot, but I couldn't find any forums, which is more of what I'm looking for (debate/discussion stuff).

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