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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

Baseball display cases

I'm going to buy a display case for the autographed Lincecum baseball ♥ I got for Christmas. Should I just get a cheapy one (shh, I'm Chinese) that's just clear acrylic all the way around? Or is it worth it to get a nicer one that has some sort of wood-like base? What should I be looking for? I've never owned a baseball before! :P

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I'd go for a nice one. I got a cheap one for my 2001 World Series ball and after a few years, the case broke and the ball ended up dog food. :|

That's horrible! :( :( :( Do you have any in particular you recommend?

Yeah, the one you had was the one I considered getting. :P I kind of like the one you linked to! But maybe I should go to a Giants Dugout store or something so I can see these in person.

Do you have more than one baseball that is significant to you? If so, Target has these cute cubbyhole baseball display cases that fit like six or nine baseballs (i forget the exact number). It has a wood type finish. I think it was $13.

I have just the one and don't think I'll be getting more anytime soon. But that's interesting Target has them. Maybe I should check the local stores to see if I can find any.

The Container Store probably has some options too

Good suggestion! I see that they have hockey puck cases too!

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