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Sharks ween! Sharks ween!

So, last night early_afternoon sent me the link to the FULL TEN MINUTE VERSION OF JMFJ'S UNDISPUTED EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I delayed watching it to watch... Heatley's first star interview. :( :( :( But you know, his game was on last night and the Sharks had lost SIX games in a row, so. Joe did steal a hat trick from him, though, and all I could think was SPEZZA'S REVENGE!!!

Anyway, I couldn't watch the JMFJ video the whole way through without stopping because I had to pause when I started 1) laughing hysterically or 2) hyperventilating. I have saved it forever and ever, so maybe I'll take some screenshots and provide commentary or something, but... I just love him deeply. The video makes me want to have his little proud American babies.

Undisputed - Jack Johnson

There was also Dustin Brown on After Hours. ♥ Where I found out about his speech impediment and got to watch his "Yo Gabba Gabba" performance. I know backcheck has mentioned this before, but I always think she makes things up, when she hasn't. Like Captain Serious. And Donuts.

I also got to talk to joolzie for a long time and read some of her fic (!!!) so it was a good, good night. :)

[ Edit: Tati declared today that she saw zombies in the fog. Which doesn't seem out of the ordinary given there's always fog in horror movies, but... I've never shown her horror movie zombies! It's only been stuff from The Walking Dead and there is zero fog in that, given that it's set in Atlanta in the summer and primarily in the day. So she somehow came up with that horror movie trope all by herself! ]
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