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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson


OMG early_afternoon just gave me the most amazing news. Undisputed is going to be available online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Undisputed, you may ask? *crickets* *tumbleweed* It's "a special video series that focuses on eight Kings players, and it gives viewers authentic insight and perspective into the lives and careers of some of the Kings’ most compelling players while getting up close and personal with them."

To which I say EWJIOFHOSDHOHOOHOHJFS and start hyperventilating. Because who's the first one they profiled? That's right! JMFJ!!!!!!

Also profiled will be Dustin Brown ♥, Matt Greene, ANZE KOPITAR, some hairy Slovakian, Rachel Hunter's ex, DONUTS and the spectacular Wayne Simmonds!!!

I'm watching this sucker as soon as I get home and if possible, illegally saving it forever and ever, muahahaha!!!

[ Edit: Goddamnit, early_afternoon just watched it and said it's only 4 minutes long. :( I would have thought JMFJ would last longer *coughs* But, she also said, and I quote, "IT'S LIKE THEY MADE IT FOR YOU" ]

[ Edit 2: Here's the link: Undisputed - JMFJ ]

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ALSO! Did you notice that when he was talking about Shattuck-St. Mary's and how it was a great decision going there, they juxtaposed it with him looking kind of bashful and glowy because he was thinking OMG I would never have met Sidney Crosby otherwise!!!

I NOTICED THAT TOO HAHA. My grinchy heart grew another two sizes. JJ, you are like a magical unicorn that is filled with love and all things good. So precious!

(Also, ugh, I hate you. I've started writing a Sid/JJ fic because of the conversations we've been having on and off for the past two weeks, and the entire process feels so foreign! I haven't really been inspired to write in such a long time. Fluery also plays the role of a scheming matchmaker, and and and...!)

THE ENABLED HAS BECOME THE ENABLER!!!!!! Or something like that.

I am going to read it right now!

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