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I'm done!

So Nabby was released from his contract with his KHL team for what was vaguely described as "family reasons". tersa and I talked about this, and we wildly speculated that it was probably his wife (who was a waitress in Kentucky when they met) freaking the fuck out about being in Russia and fleeing back to the US.

Last I heard, he's in San Jose now and there have been little scattered bits of info, like tersa telling me about how Nabby was watching a Sharks game and then texted Drew after he was critical of Boyle to "get off no. 22" ahahahaha. And then Drew's comment the other day about how Nabby "missed his family desperately" when he was in Russia. *sniffle*

Inside, I'm feeling like Nabby's happy feet because I finished my mini big bang fic last night. :D :D :D It's weird to not go post it right away. I generally don't post fics publicly until the whole thing is done because it motivates me to finish, and I just have a fic filter for WIP so people can keep me from going off the deep end. :P But then when it's done, I just kind of close my eyes and shove it out the door.

The thing about writing is it gives me other ideas, and I'm super excited about the idea of a hockey/zombies AU called... Head Shots, muahahaha! And I just realized that I'm going to end up killing half my team (and YOUR team, and YOUR team).
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