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I am finally ready for some football

I love the playoffs of all the sports I follow. But I think I may love the NFL playoffs the most, just because you can watch every game and still do things like, work, sleep, eat, etc. :P Also, I feel like the quality of football played is a treat after watching the 49ers all season, heh.

The Sharks lost the last 2 games, but I'm not unhappy with the effort, especially last night. I feel so bad for Dan Boyle, though. He was so upset that he said "shitty bounce" on TV. He wasn't angry, just really frustrated.

I'm really pleased with how Ryane Clowe has emerged as a leader for the team, especially this season. I got his jersey because I like his style of play, but I never really knew (or cared about) his personality until the past couple of seasons. I do have a soft spot for the grumpy ones. :)

And in exciting news (it's kind of disturbing how excited I am), JMFJ signed a 7-year, $30.5 million contract extension. And then went out and had a 3 point game against Columbus. A couple of the assists were really nice passes to spring guys for goals. I know he does stupid things sometimes, but I really covet that ability and also his ability to get shots from the blue line through to the net. He apparently did his own negotiations, which impressed me.

I know it doesn't really matter to me what team he's with if it isn't mine. I can always watch him on Center Ice and I don't go to all that many Sharks games a season anyway. But it's nice to know that he's near? Besides, I've grown some affection for the Kings (argh) because of various people (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and my mini big bang fic.

Speaking of which, I'm over 8k words now, and I no longer have to think about Sidney Crosby (underaged or otherwise) naked! He kinda' pushed stuff into NC-17 territory but it was unavoidable.

I also got a really fun idea last night for a new fic, or rather, series of fics. I am so excited! It's going to EAT MY BRAIN, literally, muahaha! (Thanks, joolzie)
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