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*sniffle* I wish he'd never been traded, but I'm happy that Sunny's doing so well in Montreal.

"Everybody complained when we traded Jeff Hackett for Niklas Sundstrom," Julien said. "Niklas has surprised everybody. He is even proving to himself that he is a great hockey player.

What a play he made on that winning goal in the third period. We rely on him."

Sundstrom collected two assists, giving him seven points in 11 games since being acquired from San Jose on January 23.

"I am on a good streak," he said. "This is the best hockey I've played all season. I'm so happy to be in Montreal. It has given my career a big lift."

"Niklas has made a big difference on this team," Juneau added.

I just spent hours killing people in Quake 3 CTF today. I even made a few captures! Woo!

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