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Too little, too late

So I've had hockey and baseball and RL stuff happening and it's been easy to just ignore the 49ers these past few months, but I'm deeply disappointed. This was supposed to be the year where it came together. I wasn't expecting miracles, but I wanted to see a winning season for the first time ever (since I started watching them) and a playoff spot (even if it was to get blown out horribly :P).

And even those modest expectations were met with fail. And so I found myself watching a bittersweet blowout win that's probably the last time Alex Smith will be a 49er. And it makes me angry, because they have the pieces to be a good team. Okay, later on the Cards were totally mailing it in, but they weren't at first. And I'm sick of the 49ers only playing well when it's meaningless, or when they're trying to make yet another 4th quarter comeback.

I know I like Alex Smith more for personal/emotional reasons than anything he's done on the playing field, but it still hurts to know that I watched what was probably his last game. There is still Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree and eventually I won't think about Alex, just like I don't really think about TP or Brian Boucher, but it makes me sad right now.

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