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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Sykora finds a place on the pond. CuJo calls him "an excited hockey player that is going to break for the openings". *giggles insanely* Speaking of him, guess who he's playing tonight? *rolls around in Arkora love*

Thank you, Mr. Construction Worker, for screaming loudly in Cantonese and making liberal use of your power tools at 9.30 after I went to sleep at 5.30. *mutters* The power tools, I don't mind, but why do you have to scream in Cantonese every fucking day? *rages*

I wonder what the Sharks' longest losing streak ever has been. *weeps* Want to watch tonight's game, though, given that Thibault's squirreled his way into two of my fics. *winks at early_afternoon* *leers*

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eeeee *mauls Petr* Mmm arkora :)

Ohhh two Thibault fics eh? *squeal* mae fic!

Playing on a dominant line is nothing new to Sykora. Although he is enjoying success playing with any line combination in Anaheim, he has yet to duplicate the feats he accomplished while playing on the famed "A-line" of the New Jersey Devils. Sykora joined center Jason Arnott and winger Patrik Elias to form the top line for the 1999-2000 Stanley Cup champions. They cut through the neutral zone with authority, worked their forecheck to perfection and charged through the high traffic areas without fear.

*cries* They were so awesome. That last sentence just.. I mean, wow. They were like super heros. *cries*

They were!!! *weeps* They made me like the Devils! I thought they were gonna win in 2001 too. *sigh* Ahh, dude superhero A-Line! *pictures them in colorful spandex* *dies*

Eee, Petr would be Jason's sidekick, and Patrik would be too, but he would complain about it and insist he wasn't and Jason would insist he was and Petr would be like, "Hey, it's all the same, we are all saving the world together so don't fight!"

*goes back to picturing them in colorful spandex*

*cowers* Dude, Thibault is so so so so so adorable though. *hugs him* And WHY won't the Tribune stop putting adorable little pictures and anecdotes in the paper, dammit?

Anecdotes? I want anecdotes! He's so fucking adorable! :)

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