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Happy Valentine's Day!

Sykora finds a place on the pond. CuJo calls him "an excited hockey player that is going to break for the openings". *giggles insanely* Speaking of him, guess who he's playing tonight? *rolls around in Arkora love*

Thank you, Mr. Construction Worker, for screaming loudly in Cantonese and making liberal use of your power tools at 9.30 after I went to sleep at 5.30. *mutters* The power tools, I don't mind, but why do you have to scream in Cantonese every fucking day? *rages*

I wonder what the Sharks' longest losing streak ever has been. *weeps* Want to watch tonight's game, though, given that Thibault's squirreled his way into two of my fics. *winks at early_afternoon* *leers*

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