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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

It's a girl!!!

Hey, guys, Matt Cain's wife just had a baby daughter and they named her... wait for it... wait for it...



Chip's response: "I can hartley believe it."

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HAHA. I totally read that as Harley Mae and did one of those dramatic :O faces while saying, "WAIT WHAT."

That's how I read it too on Twitter at first, and I was like, WTF???

Hartley? Really? Harley is kind of nicer, although I suppose they wouldn't think so when she becomes a stripper.

What is with ballplayers naming their children ridiculous things?

It plagues all pro athletes! One of the Sharks players named his daughter after the brand of hockey stick he uses. :( :( :(

(Deleted comment)
Still better than that redneck couple down in Texas who named their kid ESPN (pronounced "Espen"), although now that I think about it ... Bristol Palin ........... ugh. Also my cousin named her kid "Reevze" which is not even ghetto enough to be fabulous. Some people just need more guidance than others.

Their second child was ESPN 2.

My cousin and his wife named their son Hudson Axel (and his last name's already Mould so like . . . give the kid a chance, at least). My dad's entire conservative family is like, "Oh. That's . . . nice."

Aiiee! Why do people do this to their children?

I just don't get it. A kid's name is the kind of thing parents agonize over for months, and then... that's what they come up with? Really?


I have a feeling that you might have used some of your bewitching magic to have done it, but it's cool.

(Also... how is your JJ/DD fic-like thing coming along? Just curious. *shuffles feet*)

He knows that I secretly love him best.

I have actually been thinking about them a shameful amount! I may need to "consult" you on some things...

A shameful amount?! There is no such thing, rest easy. You can "consult" with me as much as you want, and I shall try my best to be helpful and squee at a low, appropriate level.

Also, did you catch the Pens/Caps HBO special? OMG, I want them to do one for every team. That was executed so well.

Do you know who their road roommate's are? I vaguely remember watching something where Doughty and Wayne Simmonds live together or something?

I haven't watched it yet! No HBO. I'll have to obtain it through other means. *shifty eyes*


I just have to make sure that you see a behind-the-scenes Kings clip that JJ is in, so it can inspire you. His little face at the end! (Sure, fine, Dewey is in it, too.)


I was going to reply when I downloaded, then I... forgot to download. :P Thanks! You know, the idea of Jack rooming with Matt Greene is kind of terrifying. Although I suppose it doubles the chance of somebody realizing something is a bad idea before it's too late.

That looks like it's going to be so fun! I hope it's not just serious stuff and there's lots of goofiness in it too, though. :)

I am crossing my fingers for a lot of goofy and giggly boys, too!

That's true enough about Greene, I guess. He tends to be very sarcastic and the biggest prankster on the team, but when it comes to leadership and taking care of the guys, he's very reliable.

Also... I was going through some faves on youtube, and I came across a post olympic gold medal game vid I had saved a few months ago, because it featured DD running around hugging dudes, and also getting play-slapped by Seabrook then yanked into a a hug by Toews. So cute!


Ahhhhhh. I was really happy the Canadians won, but so proud of the Americans for getting further than anyone expected too.

I finally saw that video of Drew and Jack on the Kiss Cam while I was searching for something else! It was so adorable! I love that Jack leaned his head towards him like he wanted to be kissed. :)

And I finally started that fic. JJ's POV and starts 2 days after the gold medal game (speaking of the Olympics). Here.

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