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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Grr. Argh.

Watched The Walking Dead season finale last night. Definitely picking up the DVD set at some point because I'd like to see the extras. I know they have tons of them already on the AMC web site, but... I want more. :P

Yet again, a lot of really wonderfully shot and directed scenes. The story is still not that exceptional, but there were just a few moments that made me ache. *sigh*

[ Edit: The only thing I didn't like was the whole Shane the Attempted Rapist thing. They had that whole scene of him with Rick in the hospital and he really did the right thing there. He thought Rick was dead and barricaded his room so he wouldn't be eaten or zombified and then hightailed it out of there to save Rick's wife and kid. So why the attempted rape which just then goes around and paints him as a bad guy? ]

The Sharks played a pretty surreal game last night. They were down 4-1 with like 12 minutes left in the third and came back to tie it, then it looked like the Flyers had scored just as time expired in OT, but the puck was on the line at 0.0 seconds. Craziness. Then the Sharks won in the shootout with Logan Couture making a really confident shot and Ryane Clowe doing the one and only move he has.

In the postgame interviews, Nitty was talking about how he thought the goal was good and that he broke his stick, but then I saw a TV interview with Logan and he was talking about how he broke his stick on the goal and... I'm just picturing the two of them smashing their sticks together (which is already funny) but then being kind of sheepish about it when the goal was disallowed.

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I heard the comic wasn't the best when it came to women so maybe they thought they needed more misogyny on the show so decided to add some rape. But didn't want to go too far, so just attempted it.

Well, they did have the one character who was always beating on his wife (and probably his daughter too). What I didn't like about it was that it seemed out of character for Shane, even though he was super drunk at the time. There was a very nice tension of... oh well, the audience should be on Rick's side cos' he's the protagonist and the... husband, but then Shane is also kind of a good guy and hero, and now it's become go Rick boo Shane.

Who did Shane try to rape? I've only seen the beginning episodes but I'll glady accept spoilers! :)

Lori. There were extenuating circumstances, but it was still a yucky thing to happen.

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