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An entire city agrees with me!

I was quite looking forward to yesterday's game cos' I knew Heatley was going to get booed madly and I wasn't disappointed.

frala told me one of her friends had a Heatley jersey with the letters crossed out so it just left HATE and they showed it on the Sharks postgame!!! Apparently people were also handing out Heatley face urinal targets, haha. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to pee on it, though, seeing his face makes me nauseous, even when I'm on anti-nausea medication (no joke). The "traitor" chant was pretty good, as was the Heatley jersey toss.

I didn't see it on TV but apparently one of the jerseys HIT HEATLEY ON THE BENCH. A+++++++++++++

I am less happy about the full beer cans being tossed as the rest of the team had to dodge them. :( Please limit your hate to Heatley, thanks.

[ Edit: Heatley RAN AWAY the moment the game ended. All the Sharks were still on the bench, seated and not moving and he got up and ran away ahahahahahha. ]

I was really pleased with the Sharks babies though, and really happy that McGinn, Joslin and especially Logan Couture got to have a good game back in Ottawa (they played junior there). It must have been such a thrill for Logan to score 2 goals and be first star in front of all his fans and friends and old coach. :) Niemi was very good and the score would have been a lot closer without him.

For the first time in forever, I actually watched Fringe on the night it aired cos' I knew it was going to be a big episode. I'm a little concerned with certain things, well, specifically we have this big overarching storyline that's paced as if it's going to be resolved by the end of the season. It's a great storyline and I love it, but my question is, what happens after? Because the other series that had a big overarching storyline that completed and decided to continue? From what I hear, it didn't work out too well. *cough*Supernatural*cough*

But I was concerned with what Season 3 was going to be like, and I was really impressed with how they were able to continue the episodic stuff, so I'll trust them, just like I trusted Lost. The show will be moving to Fridays after the winter hiatus, though, and that's where shows go to die, so maybe this season finale will be the series finale. :(

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