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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I need one more week of Thanksgiving

It's been a good holiday. I went to the Blackhawks/Sharks game last Wednesday with lastcatastrophe and backcheck, two of my favourite people! ♥ Em wanted to watch the Hawks warm up so we went down to the glass, where I got to see various people skate by, including Patrick Kane whose stupid face made me start laughing hysterically every time I saw him. I love him more than ever! I also saw Marian poke a puck away from Hjalphabet then steal it and skate away, teehee.

The game itself was a competition to see who was more incompetent (the Hawks) given that one team had 3 days off and the other team had 3 days off and went to Vegas. :P It was still enjoyable, though. Perplexed that Niemi got first star for making a series of awkward saves, yet Patty who had a really good, physical game and 2 goals wasn't a star at all. Also, I somehow brainwashed myself into thinking that Heatley's goal was actually Patty's and that he had a hat trick that was completely ignored by everyone except 2 guys in the lower bowl whose caps hit the netting and didn't even make it to the ice.

But there was no hat trick, and those 2 guys were... well, I have no explanation for them.

Tessa cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by herself! She had a couple of friends over and Alex had his mom and half-brother over and it was pretty nice, although I kind of missed Chip and Jenny. I spent pretty much the rest of my time playing games, watching TV and assembling my replacement PVR computer. Sadly, the 2TB (!!!) drive was broken so I had to exchange it. Boo.

Found out that the director of The Walking Dead directed The Shawshank Redemption! And Gale Anne Hurd (who produced The Terminator and lots of other summer blockbuster movies) is the producer. Guess that explains the quality of the show.

You know how sometimes you'll watch a movie or TV show and there's an amazing character who's funny/smart/cool/tough/kickass and then you watch an interview with the actor who plays the character and they're really dumb/boring and it's incredibly disappointing? Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on Mad Men is the exact opposite. I watched an interview with him on Conan and he's funny, smart and charming and it's such a contrast to his character on the show, who is LAME.

In a way it makes me more disappointed with Mad Men because he's clearly capable of playing somebody who's interesting, but he's not written that way. I mean, he's basically an identity thief who did it for no reason. I mean, come on, that's only fun in the modern era when you can go on credit card sprees! :P

Not to say the show is bad; I'll keep watching it because it's really quality in terms of sets/make up/clothes and has these great '60s moments like... having a chubby stripper and children jumping around in the back seat of a moving car and a pregnant woman smoking and drinking.

But take those things away, and it's boring. The common response to that is, oh, you're just all ADD and MTV generation and Bourne movies and everything has to be fast-moving blah blah but that's not why I find it boring. Like, I've watched and enjoyed plenty of '60s movies that are really fucking slow. There's this one scene in Butterfield 8 where Elizabeth Taylor comes home in the morning after a night of partying and has a drink. That's all that happens and IT LASTS TEN MINUTES. That's slow. Mad Men is just boring because nothing meaningful ever happens in it.

Googling uncovers this blog post from someone who has the same reasons I do for finding it boring:
Don’t believe the hype – Mad Men is THE most boring show on TV

He's kind of mean about it, though, and I'm not actually too bothered by it being boring. Something like Supernatural's stupid storyline is much more bothersome to me and I've enjoyed it enough to keep watching. I'm just not in the OMG, it's the best show on television! camp. That would be The Walking Dead, LOL.

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I hope Marian isn't broken for too long. :(

Aw, I love Mad Men, but I completely understand where you're coming from. I also love Jon Hamm in complete contrast to Don, but I don't find Don boring so much as an emotionally damaged douchebag. :P

Aw, hockey with lovely ladies. Jealous!

I was surprised by how cool Jon Hamm is. He stated that if the show fast forwards to the '70s he's totally quitting cos' he's not wearing any of that stuff, ahahaha.

I'm usually a fan of anti-heroes, but Don just strikes me as someone who's kind of wishy washy and floats through life, but in a very joyless way. He's pretty good at his job, but he's not OMG kickass enough to make up for the rest of it. I'm actually reminded of Tom Cruise's character from Eyes Wide Shut. Except without the masked orgies, I guess. Hey, it's the '60s! :P

You should watch him do comedy--did you watch him on 30 Rock or SNL?

I should go find that on Hulu or something! He was so funny in his Conan interview.

I think that it bothers me more when an actor seems to be exactly like the characters he plays, because then I'm like.. isn't that just your life? I mean, are you even acting? (At least if an actor is boring, he must be a really good actor to pull of a charming, amazing character.)

Conan interviewed Michael Cera a few weeks back and basically asked the same thing and Michael started pouting. HA!

Then Conan had Charlyne Yi on the program a week later and worried that she was typecast into one role and she like, "Uh, so? I'm not really a very good actor. I have my limitations." Hee!

Sometimes I find Mad Men slow, but most of the time I like it.. maybe I'm just a slow and boring person. Haha.

I miss your random hysterical laughter!

I think I'm just surprised more than anything because I feel like an actor would have to be fairly complex to pull off a complex character, but they really don't. :P

I watched both of those interviews! I was just so excited that Conan was back. Charlyne Yi's interview was so awesome. She really reminds me of some of my friends from Singapore, especially when she was like, "Are you scared? Let me put my glasses on so I can see." I loved the whole "I have limited range" thing too.

I watch a lot of shows that are flawed in some way or the other, so being boring just happens to be Mad Men's flaw. :P I don't mind slow, it's just the lack of substance/depth I have a problem with.

It was just... his face! That dumb face! And even dumber after some time in Vegas! ♥

Don Draper is supposed to be a hollow man right? all he does is work and chase women. I assume that is the point, but for people to identify with him?

Boggles me.

Basically Don Draper and Michael Weatherly need to do a show where they are con men / confidence tricksters. Not a whole series, but maybe a decent tv movie or short showtime series.

I guess I just want him to be interesting in some way. He doesn't even have to be likeable in any way. Damon from The Vampire Diaries was pretty abhorrent (especially at first), but he was so interesting and probably my favourite character on the show.

Jon Hamm would be fantastic in that role. I don't know about Michael Weatherly. He was all serious business on Dark Angel and I never watched enough NCIS to evaluate if he could do comedy or not.

I'm glad you had a good time at the Hawks vs. Sharks game you went to, because anything Kings-related this past month has me wincing and running for cover.

So much fail. Sooooooo much. :/

Things started so well! What happened?

It's possible that I may have signed up for the hockey RPF mini big bang to write JJ/Doughty. *coughs*

It's possible that I may have signed up for the hockey RPF mini big bang to write JJ/Doughty.

OMG DOOOO IIIIIITTTT! I would love you forever, and support you, and hold your hand, and and and... They have such an interesting dynamic, for real.

What happened? A lot of suckage in a short amount of time, apparently. The coach is a moron of epic levels, the team can't collectively score in a harem, our PP sucks, and JJ and DD take turns in making rookie-like mistakes every night. It's a blast. :/

See, I feel like Jack should be all jealous about this young guy who pops up and is suddenly the best defenseman on the team and is Norris Trophy-nominated and WINS OLYMPIC GOLD and stick pins into a voodoo doll, but then he's kind of dumb and egotistic so that stops him from being too bothered by it? It's fascinating!

Also, while looking for some stats, I came across this blog post. I love how in the photo Jack is all smiley and cuddly and Drew looks slightly uncomfortable.

The funniest thing about the DD-JJ chemistry is that they seem to be getting along much, much better this season than in the past, where you could tell that they were both uber competitive dudes trying to outdo each other a bit. They talk and are more animated on the bench (at least, when we were winning, hah), and I remember a couple of games ago, JJ turned to DD to tell him something but then ended up bursting into laughter because DD was making a goofy face. They are giggly, sometimes competitive, friends right now.

Also, I love and support your idea! JJ is plotting the downfall of DD and secretly being underhanded, until he realizes that DD is a ditzy panda who is just insanely good on the ice, but totally a kid/goober off the ice. Poor mature JJ and his childish companion. It woooorks. (They kind of have the Toews/Kane dynamic, wherein JJ is more serious and professional, while DD is younger and allowed to act that way, sometimes.)

I love that kind of tension where it's like, they're playing the same position and they both want to be the best so it's sort of like they're in competition but they're also on the same team and do sort of want each other to succeed.

Ahh, that's so cute!!! I wish I could have seen it. I absolutely those kinds of moments!

You know, I've never thought of JJ as being mature, mostly because he seems so dumb. But being dumb doesn't preclude maturity! Drew just seems really weird, like he's off in his own world and just kind of generally amused with life.

I used to think that JJ was mainly a kid with a big ego and little else (drafted top three, supposed to be a great dman, blah blah blah), but when I read about how seriously he takes his education and getting a degree (I think he got his BA this summer from USC), I realized that he just has one of those smirky faces that you kind of judge way too early. He's pretty mature for his age, from all that I've gathered from articles and videos, but super competitive, as we already know.

Drew just seems really weird, like he's off in his own world and just kind of generally amused with life.

Hahaha, that's such an apt description. He's so chill for someone who started getting major pimping since they announced the Olympic team, and I think that, right now, he is having a bit of a tough time juggling the extra publicity/pressure. Hoping he pulls his head out of his rear end soon.

Sophomore slump? There are some people you just don't worry about cos' you trust they have the mental make up to get out of it. Like the Giants ace lost 5 starts in a row in August and people were concerned, and I was like, I just don't worry about him. And he came back and was brilliant in the playoffs. Drew seems to have that kind of mentality.

I think Jack has a very strong sense of wanting to do the right thing. He probably would have been a good SEAL. :P

I was in a couple of acting classes with Jon Hamm at Mizzou and in a play that he had a pretty major role in there also (I however did NOT have a major role). Believe me, everyone in the theater department loved him... me included. I did a few acting scenes with him in class, but unfortunately none where we had to kiss. He did compliment me on my lipstick once: "That shade looks very fetching on you, Penny" and I wanted to die on the spot.

The MU theater department actually produced quite a few people while I was there who went on to varying degrees of Hollywood fame... or in Brad Pitt's case, he was in the Journalism dept. (which I think is hilarious). =D

A really good friend of my sister's who was in drama with us was the Glad girl for a long time (and was then on some short-lived sitcom that I can't remember...). But you'd know her if you saw her... dark hair and high pitched voice. She's a total sweetheart as well. Missouri people rule. ;)

That is so totally awesome!!! You have to share some stories about him, hehe. :) He seems really quick-witted and funny. Between Brad Pitt and Jon Hamm you have your celebrity experience quota covered.

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