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Weird Dreams

Worked last night, but wasn't very effective. Stupid Mozilla. *punts* Will probably end up working all day today, but at least I got enough sleep! *bounces off walls*

I dreamt that almost the entire Sharks team had been exchanged with the Flames. Note, not traded, exchanged. Yeah. I know like, two people on the Flames. I was kind of bummed in the dream but not that much because I was busy trying to kill or be killed.

*shrieks* Everyone wants Owen because he's such a sexy bitch. Eee, Petr scored two goals last night and he was 1st star! Ahh, and lameass fist-pumping celebration, so colossally dorky! *cackles* And he's now the leading goal scorer on the Ducklings. Way to go, PP boy!

God, a lot of birthdays are coming up. It's fun, though, gives me motivation to write. :) Uhh, birthday fics, that is. Not that birthdays in and of themselves are inspirational. *grin* Eep, my writing seems flat lately. *pokes self*

Ugh, don't think I'm going skiing this weekend. Chip won't be going cos' he's working and it won't really be fun without him.

I asked him if I could keep Natuzzison as pets, but he said we don't have a hockey rink. I said I could bring them to the rink at Yerba Buena Park every day for exercise, and they're housebroken. He thinks they'd run away if I don't put them in a cage, but I think they'd play with each other and keep themselves occupied so they'd stay put.

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