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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I guess other people like zombies too

I did some Googling of The Walking Dead and found out it's got crazy good ratings for a cable show and a second season of 13 episodes has been ordered! :D There's also lots of podcasts for the show, I think mostly because there were already a lot of fans of the comics. So I'm listening to those today. There also seem to be lots of video extras on the AMC website which I'll check out when I get home.

I watched The Golden Compass yesterday. It was done in a very... Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire way, which is to say, let's not give a shit about trying to make a movie that will interest viewers or earn their emotional investment and just try to slap as many elements from the book in as possible.

I'm not disappointed that I watched it because I really loved the gorgeous steampunk CG backgrounds/sets and I thought the polar bear fighting scenes were excellent. Fantastic animation (although the actual appearance of the polar bears was kind of dated). The world seemed interesting but I'd like it to have been more engaging. The actress playing Lyra was great, and I absolutely loved the daemons.

Sharks game tomorrow with lastcatastrophe and backcheck!!!!!!

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Hey, I'm almost caught up on SVU! What was the loltastic episode you were talking about?

I think it was, like, episode 7? Are you up to that one yet?

Yes! Is that the one where Benson thinks she's met yet another rape!spawn???

YES!!!! And then she randomly...is gifted with another kid!

At least she won't promptly kill this one off this time, muahaha.

Or....WILL SHE???? Dun dun dun!

Everything about this season is retardedly cracktastic and lolarious.

I think this is one of the few show in existence that has jumped the shark and GOTTEN BETTER!!!

I love it when a show goes downhill, downhill, downhill, and then completely gives up on its pretext of reality and then becomes SO MUCH BETTER in its COMPLETE LUDICROUSNESS.

I especially appreciate that they usually include 3 separate extremely fucked up subplots per episode. EVEN THE RED HERRINGS ARE RIDICULOUS.

I know! Did you see last week's episode? It's about rape! No, it's about drugs! No, it's about abortion!

I'm just pleased when they tuck in a "Internet is EEVUL" subplot as well. It warms my icy little heart.

Not yet! I'm excited now. :P

Their internet savvy is astounding. They referred to both snail mail and an IM conversation as "email" in one episode.

omg you are so in for a treat.

I love that their tech people seem to be both able to do NASA-level spy work with their super-duper cameras, and are yet unable to be even remotely internet-savvy.

We can use facial recognition with a blurry source and millions of photos to compare and be done in about 5 seconds, but FaceSpace is kind of a mystery to us.

FACESPACE!!!! I love FaceSpace.

It's much harder to use than CIA technology.

(Also, SHARKS GAME TONIGHT!??!?! So so so jellus.)

And we're meeting for a yummy dinner beforehand! :D We will be thinking of you. *cuddles*

Dinner TOO? What are you having? Can I live vicariously through yuo? JELLUS.

I miss hockey *sigh*

The golden compass was such a greatest hits of the book, and yet not as fundamentally (ha!) anti religion.

You could probably find a way to watch it over there, but it's just not the same. :(

They completely removed the anti-Catholicism message in the movie; I would never have known about it except for the various news articles about it.

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