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Hrarrrghh grhhwh mrrhrh braaaaaains

I was going to finally upgrade my machine yesterday (have felt too blah/depressed to do it earlier) when I discovered that I don't have some of the software I'll need for a reinstall. I spent a while looking for it, then finally decided it was too late and I needed to get to sleep.

Then I couldn't fall asleep anyway and ended up mainlining Hawaii Five-O and The Walking Dead until 5AM. Ack!

They did a good job with the Hawaii Five-O remake. I mean, it's completely ridiculous, but it's fun. However, Grace Park is not a very good actress. She's not bad, and it's perfectly fine as she's not in a particularly demanding role, acting-wise, but I feel like there could be more brought to that character (which would also require some more interesting writing). I thought Alex O'Loughlin was a terrible actor when I first saw him in Moonlight, but he grew to be a sort of... comforting presence. His acting is probably still bad (I'm not objective enough to tell anymore) but he gets away with it because of his harmless charm.

Oh man, I love love love The Walking Dead. Like initially, I just got in on the zombie stuff because my RPG character's boyfriend was into zombies, but after watching the first 4 episodes, I have warm, fuzzy feelings now when I see decaying, disemboweled corpses shambling down the street!

The show is based on a comic book, but they seem to have taken a lot of inspiration from 28 Days Later and possibly the latest BBC incarnation of Survivors. I especially appreciate the beginning scenes where everything is quiet. No soundtrack or anything to really emphasize the absence of (living) people.

It's tough to be original with a zombie show, but they did a good job with keeping things interesting and putting the main character in tense, dangerous situations but without that Resident Evil survival horror game sense of OMG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! inevitability. And the Shaun of the Dead reference where they pretend to be zombies was pretty awesome. :)

There's a few subplots, but not too many to be confusing and they're all interesting. There's only 3 episodes left this season, apparently. I want more...... brains......

(There is no actual brain-feeding in the show. It's all flesh- and gut-eating. Massive zombie city populations can't afford to be picky, I guess.)

[ Edit: Also, Glenn is awesome. I love that his expert knowledge of the city that comes in so handy comes from being a pizza delivery guy, haha. ]
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