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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Harry Potter

Just watched the Harry Potter movie. One word summary: camping.

I'm really puzzled by one thing, though. When they're in Godric's Hollow and they get into a fight in the old woman's house, they crash through a wall into a... brightly lit, modern nursery. Wha'? I mean, I know HP is set in modern times, but the rest of the house is really dingy and Victorian era-looking. What was up with that room?

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I just got back from it too. And yeah, that scene stuck out to me as well. The only explanation is maybe they busted into the neighbor's house that shared a wall with Bathilda's? IDEK. Just a moment of absurdity in the whole film.

I agree with your one word, but damn I'd take that tent in a heart beat!

Yeah, it was the neighbour's house. A lot of houses in Britain are "attached" (share walls on both sides) or "semi-attached" (share one wall), kind of like what we would call duplexes or town houses. A free-standing house would be "detached".

I actually understand "semi-detached" better than duplex or townhouse because that's what I lived in growing up and what we called it. Also, I didn't know that townhouse meant terraced housing; I thought it was like a privately-built and owned unit in a multi-level complex. But I guess that's a condo. :P

I think the whole village seemed kind of Victorian, so it was jarring to see that room and I thought I was just missing something because I haven't read this book yet, but then my friends who have read it were like WTF too, haha.

You, my knowledgeable friend, have an awesome icon. :)

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The tent was awesome! I liked that there were stairs in it and bunk beds ahahaha.

Exactly! In the book it was more of a cozy little apartment inside, complete with kitchen and bathroom, but I guess for the movie they decided to pare it down some.

Toilets are also not aesthetically pleasing, hehe.

lol i really loved the movie but I felt the same way when I finished the book 'alright we get it, they camped for a loooooong time...move along' haha

It's really tough to do half a movie, I think. I think for this one it did hurt that I haven't read the book (it wasn't a problem before). I did really love what they did for the "Three Brothers" story, though. The art style was very much like a game that I play. :)

Every time I see your icon I get really confused as to why that woman is crying.

The Philly fans had the same thought!

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