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When I moved to my new (old) place, I gave up my free second cable input that I had at my old place. I thought I could get along with just the one cable box and just watch conflicting TV shows online or download them. It was kind of annoying, but still totally doable.

Except for the part where I completely forgot that I follow sports and games are on during prime time TV hours. >.<

So I was looking into getting a HD DVR from Comcast that I figured would run me an extra $15/mth or something, but when I called them, it was $24/mth. *gulp* That's when I started looking into the TiVo Premiere, cos' I have a special TiVo rate of $7/mth and I thought that the CableCARD rental was about $5/mth. Turns out that the rental is only $1.50/mth! The actual TiVo itself cost about $200, but that pays for itself in a year and it's a superior DVR to the Comcast one, and most importantly I can download HD content to my computer!

I promptly recorded the entire World Series and championship parade on my TiVo, almost filling it up. It's a good thing it didn't go 7 games. :P I can now take fabulous screenshots and upload HD videos to YouTube. My only problem is that I can't archive the games to a DVD like I usually do. I don't have a Blu-Ray burner and Blu-Ray media is still a little pricier than I'd like it to be.

And then I thought, what if I just buy a bigass hard drive to store all of my HD content until a satisfactory solution for permanent archival emerges? I found a 2TB drive on NewEgg for only $90. That works out to 4.5 cents per GB!

And then I thought, hmm, my PC DVR is kind of slow and is almost 6 years old and struggles with playing streamed HD video, not because of lack of bandwidth but because of lack of processing power.

So I browsed NewEgg and found an Athlon II X2 240e processor that's about 5 times faster and only consumes 45W (compared to 90W), picked up 2 GB of RAM (double what it has right now) and a motherboard with integrated video (cheaper than buying a separate video card) that's faster than the existing video card.

Everything (including the hard drive) came up to less than $300 after tax and shipping. That's why I love upgrading my machines instead of buying new ones.

I'll be able to download the HD World Series games to my new hard drive and clear up space for new recordings. I must admit I'm pretty addicted to HD content now. Not so much for hockey, bizarrely, but for stuff like Fringe or any special/visual effects-heavy or action-oriented TV shows.

I finally have HD hockey games 2 years after getting my HDTV, hehe. :)

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