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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

Could he be any more obvious?

From here:
"It's unbelievable,'' Zito said. "He has so many golden years in front of him. He's gonna stay healthy. He's got one of these crazy bodies. He's built like rubber. He's so flexible and strong, he reminds you of a gymnast. He has all the elements.''

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Oh geez. That is really not very compelling, is it?

Yeah. Honestly I thought there wasn't anyone in there with him, haha.

I could see someone lurking in the dark corners, but it was impossible to determine who it was. Now I know why.

Zito/Tim in the cable car was probably too much to hope for...

Well, if they were in the same one they would have just spent all their time inside snuggling, so people probably decided to separate them. In fact, they put Zito with Cain since he's probably the only pitcher he wouldn't try to snuggle up to.

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