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There's a lot of smoke in the air

You can't get the smile off my face today. :)

This whole playoff run has been about more than just the team for me (although I do love so many of those boys); it's about my love for my city and how it made me see everything that's beautiful about it, and seeing people celebrate it and enjoy it.

There have always been lots of faithful fans, even when the Giants were really shitty when I started watching their games, but obviously for this run a lot of non-baseball fans got on the bandwagon too, but that's okay because they love the Giants because the Giants are SF and they love SF.

The boys, the boys... Zito didn't throw a pitch in the playoffs, but he helped this team get here. Not just because of his wins earlier in the season (every one of which was needed for the team to win the division on the last day of the regular season), but because he "mentored" Timmy, Brian Wilson, all these young pitchers. Yeah, Timmy is amazing because he is, but I'd like to think Zito made Timmy just that much better, just like he did with Haren and Street. No more complaints about $126 million, SF has a championship.

After the way Timmy pitched in Game 1, I knew he was going to be amazing in Game 5, whether he struggled or not. He would not lose the game out of sheer willpower and determination. That slow mo shot of Timmy being lifted up, hair flowing, finger pointed "we're # 1" is going to be played forever.

No more fucking around for Brian Wilson, just get the 3 outs and celebrate. Honestly, seeing Tati do a proper Wilson celebration (pointed finger and fist, not two pointed fingers) was better than being out in the streets celebrating with a bunch of strangers. :P

Matt Cain, so good for so long, the guy who pitched the first Giants game I ever went to, got 10 strikeouts and overcame the shitty defense playing behind him and earned my respect (and love, shhhhhhh) for life. He got screwed over and over again and he gets to shine in the World Series and I couldn't be happier for any other guy.

Buster Posey, who's been 45 years old since the first time I saw him 2 years ago, taking over one of the toughest positions in the game without flinching and handling the playoffs like he'd done it a million times before. Not trying to do too much and not wilting like a flower.

I was at the MLB debut of Madison Bumgarner (also 45 years old). He wasn't supposed to start that night--it was Timmy's night, but he'd slightly injured himself so 2 hours before the game Bumgarner was told he was going to replace him. I watched him in the dugout before he stepped on the field and he looked a little nervous, but then he stepped onto the field and he never looked nervous ever again. We gave him a standing ovation when he ran onto the field, and another one when he came off.

The first time I cried for the Giants may have been when Jonathan Sanchez threw his no hitter and then hugged his dad who flew in from Puerto Rico, watching him pitch in the major leagues for the first time. True to his nature, he was a little wild, didn't do quite as well as he would have wanted, I guess, but goddamnit, he incited a bench clearing brawl in a World Series game. Gotta give him some credit for that, right?

They interviewed Timmy on ESPN and asked him how he thought SF was celebrating, and he said that there was probably "a lot of smoke in the air" LOL!!!!!!

I'm taking the day off tomorrow to go to the parade and I really really really hope that lastcatastrophe can make it. I'm so excited, despite the fact that Aubrey Huff has threatened that his rally thong will be on the float!

The torture is over and I'm going to miss it.

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