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Where else would you rather be in the world right now?

I was concerned that Matty was going to get Cained when he got taken out and it was 2-0. Even at 4-0 I thought he still had a possibility to be Cained (I've seen it happen). But then the Rangers bullpen couldn't find the strike zone with a map and he was safe.

I am so happy that he's getting all this credit and all these accolades and it must just be so nice for him after all his years of suffering, and I love that he and Timmy make each other better.

Tessa watched the game and yet again the Giants scored tons of runs while she was watching. Tati has started spontaneously doing Brian Wilson's celebration thing and I took a picture of her doing it. My chest swells with pride!

Also, I didn't know that Javier Lopez was American. Well, Americanized. For some reason, it makes me like him about five times more, which makes no sense because he's Puerto Rican and I love Jonathan Sanchez's Puerto Ricanness.
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