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One more round

Brian Wilson tried to make it a little torturous at the end there, but it wasn't.

Before the game, I thought it was going to be low-scoring (like pretty much everyone else) and when Timmy gave up 2, I just wanted the Giants to make Cliff Lee throw lots of pitches so he'd leave and they could score some runs on the bullpen. However, I didn't know that the Rangers are supposed to have a good bullpen. I just assume everyone's bullpen is shitty. :P As it turns out, there were so many runs I didn't know what to do with myself. I think Tessa is luck. Gotta get her to watch tonight's game too!

Did anyone see Timmy sidling up to Zito to ask for some weed in the top of the 6th? And by weed, I mean chewing tobacco (ewwwwww). It looked like a much shadier exchange than it was. :P I uploaded a video of it, but it's still "processing". How much processing is needed for a 30 second video???

[ Edit: Okay, it's finally done! (As usual with MLB clips, please don't post publicly, share by IM, email, locked post, etc. with this warning.)

See the shadiness??? :) ]

Tati got to see her favourites (Timmy, Matt Cain and Buster) and I was telling Tessa about her breaking Matt Cain's hand off and showing her the bobblehead and Tati wanted it, but I didn't want her to break Cain's hand again *shrieks* So I gave her Zito instead. :P But then she got confused and she started doing Brian Wilson's OMR salute he does after saves and... I've only shown that to her ONCE like 2 weeks ago! The brainwashing is taking! :)

Of all people, Joe Thornton got a hat trick last night! This captaincy thing is messing with his head. :P Also Joe Pavelski's wife produced a little person yesterday.
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