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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum


I have enough sleep, I'm wearing my Lincecum T-shirt, I'm ready for the game!

We go past the ballpark every day on the way to Genentech and there used to be a Borders nearby that's now been turned into a, umm, giant Giants store and I want to go and get lots of stuff!!! I'm going to have Alex drop me off after work this week. :D

This has been a really enjoyable run for me. I get to see boys who I've rooted for succeed, but at the same time it's not the same anxiety/doom as the Sharks playoffs runs because it's okay to me if the Giants lose (although I'd be much happier if they didn't :P). They can't break my heart.

Plus, I'm really growing to like the torture, haha. (Just like with fake!Marian)

[Edit: I have no real factual basis for this, but I am more scared of Cliff Lee than I am of Halladay.]

[Edit 2: I also like how various stores are decorating in orange and black and it's ambiguous whether it's for Halloween or the Giants. Both, I think. :)]

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I'm wearing a Timmy shirt too!

There is a LOT of Giants stuff here at Genentech today. :)

Is it bad of me that I have been mispronouncing Lincecum's name?

like it was spelled "Lyceum" (lie-see-um or something close to that)

Ahh, that's his long lost Roman relative.

when i use swype on my droid 2 to spell his name, it thinks i mean lyceum.

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