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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bitch bitch bitch

*giggle* The Aebischer fan club is so adorable. I'm hoping he can get a shutout for them. Yay, Foppa hat trick! Did I just say that? *shamefaced*

I haven't had enough sleep for the past ... week. I am so bitchy today! *cackles wildly*

*must steel self for Sharks/Wings tomorrow* *weeps in advance*

*squeal* The Season! Good gosh almighty, thank God for Brett! Everyone treats Aves like their pet dog or something. *giggle* Maybe that's where A-Pup came from. :P

Read good ficcage today. *sighs happily* Still catching up. *weeps*

Aww, no shutout for Aebischer.

Okay, game plan for watching Sharks/Wings. Watch for slashy moments and such. Try to ignore actual game. *weeps* Can I do it?

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bitching is fun *nods*

ahhh foppa why is he an av? *weep*

*hugs the sharkies*


It doesn't look like he's going to leave anytime soon either.

*huggles them*

nah it doesnt lol *yanks him away* lol


To where? The Canucks? Aww but then he might displace Mo on that line. *sniffle*

*giggles* they cant afford him anyway :P

Well, you know, he might take a pay cut to be with someone he loves ... playing with. Yeah, that's the ticket. :)

*giggles* oohhhh yeah, thats it :D *giggles* I can just see Brian Burke dangling a naked Nazzy by the ankle "Here foppa foppa foppa" *dies laughing*

ROFL!!! That image is wrong in so many ways and right in so many ways!!!

*GRIN* Ahh the fan club were so adorable ;)

Foppa! LOL! Yes you said that *G* If only he wasn't an Av Hee!!

Aeby almost shutout. So close.

Yeah Wings/Sharks JUST for the slash. But of course. *huggles* You like it! You want it! *giggle*

They were! I can't believe they came all the way from Switzerland to see him, and they're not guaranteed to either.

*sigh* I really give up. I like pretty much all teams except ... *counts* ... 4.

*huggles* *repeats to self* Just for the slash, just for the slash ...

*nods* I know; to come all that way and not even know if you'd get to see him, that's very dedicated.

Yeah I'm the same way. There are about 4 or 5 teams that I can't stand; 4 I really love, and the rest fall in the middle.

UH HUH. Just for slash. Riiiiight :D

They were so cute too, waving the flag and chanting his name. I guess he's pretty much the best Swiss goalie there is? *giggle*

I would be watching hockey 24/7 if I had Centre Ice, that's how many teams I like, lol!

And uhh, *weeps*, I know the outcome but I'm gonna watch anyway. At least my boys put up a fight. :)

I know they so were :)

Dude, if I could get CI there'd be nothing but hockey all day every day :)

Awww, they did do a great job; it was actually a really good and close game.

Ahh, that sounds like hockey heaven. Actually, it would be hockey heaven if like, all television was hockey. Like the cast of every show was hockey players. So Buffy really would be Nazzy, which makes Todd Spike, Mo Xander, Cookie Willow and the rest of the team the baby!slayers.

Can you tell I'm insane and delirious? :P


Cookie's a lesbian witch :)

*GRIN* Insane and delirious is good :)

Doesn't Cookie remind you of a lesbian witch? ;)

ROFL!!!!!!! Oh geez *DEAD* I do love you *giggle*

And um yes, yes he does.

*giggle* Love you too! :)

Hmm, does that make Lootie his Oz? *thinks*

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